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FF7 Rebirth Blinded By Light: Assess 16 Enemies In Grassland

Blinded By Light is a challenging quest featured in FF7 Rebirth, where players must defeat all 16 formidable enemies.

This quest serves as a test of players’ strategic abilities and agility in battle which requires precise execution of tactics.

However, after completing Blinded By Light, players are rewarded with valuable Biological Intel.

Continue reading about Biological Intel: Blinded by Lights and learn how to unlock this task in FF7 Rebirth.

What Is Blinded By Light In FF7 Rebirth?

In “Blinded By Light” of FF7 Rebirth, players actively engage in a high-stakes battle against the formidable enemy Quetzalcoatl.

They must strategically plan their approach and execute swift actions to defeat Quetzalcoatl within the time limit of 2.5 minutes.

Throughout the quest, players must exploit Quetzalcoatl’s weaknesses and carefully manage their team’s health to emerge victorious.

Biological Intel: Blinded By Light
Players need to utilize an Assess Materia to defeat 16 enemies.

Further, this marks a significant achievement in their progression within FF7 Rebirth.

However, to unlock Biological Intel: Blinded By Light in FF7 Rebirth, players need to Assess 16 enemies in the Grasslands.

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How To Unlock Biological Intel: Blinded By Light In FF7 Rebirth?

To unlock Biological Intel: Blinded By Light, players must complete a specific challenge within the Combat Simulator Intel.

Likewise, players must assess enemies using the Assess Materia to unlock Biological Intel: Blinded By Light in FF7 Rebirth.

Further, players can follow these steps to unlock this Biological Intel in FF7 Rebirth:

1. Access The Combat Simulator

Players actively need to gain access to the Combat Simulator feature within the FF7 Rebirth.

Similarly, this may involve actively progressing through the main storyline or actively completing certain side quests.

2. Equip The Assess Materia

Once inside the Combat Simulator, players actively ensure that one of the characters actively equips the Assess Materia.

Further, this Materia actively allows players to scan enemies and actively gather data about them.

3. Assess 16 Enemies

The active objective of unlocking Biological Intel: Blinded By Light is to actively assess a total of 16 different enemies.

Likewise, these foes can be found within the Grasslands area. 

Moreover, players must use the Assess Materia on each of these enemies to gather their data.

4. Explore The Grasslands

Players actively search the Grasslands area thoroughly to encounter various enemies.

They must be on the lookout for different enemy types and actively engage them in battle to assess them using the Assess Materia.

5. Details Of All 16 Enemies

Grasslands WolfSouthwest of Oliver’s Farm
ThunderclawFiend Intel 6: Voltaic Canine
White TerrorEncountered in the Livestock’s Bane side quest
ToxiratSouthwest of Bill’s Ranch
VenoratFiend Intel 1: Voracious and Venomous
LevrikonSoutheast of Bill’s Ranch
AggrevrikonFiend Intel 5: Picky Eater
MuSouth of Bill’s Ranch
Mi Fiend Intel 3: Keepers of the Burrow
MandragoraWest of the Thresher Waterwheel Cache
MandrakeField Intel 4: Wailing Weed
ElphadunkEast of Excavation Intel 1: Bygone Settlement
OrcSouthwest of Oliver’s Farm
EnmidunkFiend Intel 2: Bearer of Grudges
CrawlerIn the Mythril Mine
QuetzalcoatlEast of Expedition Intel 6: Cavern Lifespring.

How To Beat Quetzalcoatl In FF7 Rebirth?

To complete the Biological Intel: Blinded By Light, players must defeat Quetzalcoatl.

Similarly, players need to prepare thoroughly and employ effective strategies during the battle to defeat Quetzalcoatl.

Quetzalcoatl in Biological Intel: Blinded By Light
Quetzalcoatl is exclusive to Classified Intel: Winged Lacertilian of Yore.

Further, here’s a detailed step to defeat Quetzalcoatl in FF7 Rebirth:

1. Prepare Your Party

Players must ensure that party members are adequately leveled up and equipped with powerful gear.

Similarly, players can equip accessories and materia that enhance elemental resistances, as Quetzalcoatl may use lightning-based attacks.

2. Understand Quetzalcoatl’s Weaknesses

The Quetzalcoatl is typically weak against earth-based attacks in Final Fantasy games.

So, players should equip characters with earth-elemental materia or abilities.

Likewise, you can utilize the Assess Materia to gather information about Quetzalcoatl’s strengths and weaknesses.

3. Utilize Elemental Attacks

Players can exploit Quetzalcoatl’s weaknesses by casting earth-based spells such as Quake or using earth-elemental abilities.

Further, you must avoid using lightning-based attacks, as they may heal Quetzalcoatl instead of damaging it.

4. Maintain Healing And Buffs

Players should assign a character to focus on healing and maintaining buffs such as Protect and Shell.

Similarly, by doing this you can mitigate damage from Quetzalcoatl’s attacks.

Further, use restorative items or healing spells to keep your party’s HP topped up throughout the battle.

5. Stay On The Offensive

Players must keep the pressure on Quetzalcoatl by continuously attacking with their strongest abilities and spells.

Likewise, players can utilize limit breaks and powerful summon materia to deal massive damage when Quetzalcoatl’s HP is low.

6. Adapt To Quetzalcoatl’s Tactics

Players must be prepared to adjust their strategy based on Quetzalcoatl’s actions during the battle.

Moreover, watch out for any status ailments it may inflict on your party and have remedies ready to counter them.

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