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Skull And Bones Agents Clues: Sunken Mine And Stash

In Skull and Bones, players are provided with the agents clues to complete the Cutthroat Secrets mission.

Players should carefully study the clue as it holds the key information to locate the Agent’s Stash.

The clue suggests players explore the areas of Sunken Goldmine to locate the Agent’s stash in Skull and Bones.

Continue reading to learn more about the Agent’s clue in Skull and Bones.

Cutthroat Secrets Quest In Skull And Bones

Players should partake in Cutthroat Secrets Quest during their adventure in Skull and Bones.

You come across this quest during the early phase of the game to hunt down the mysterious treasures.

As a pirate, it is essential to collect as many treasures as possible to thrive in the later phase of the game.

Similalry, during this quest, players are presented with the task of locating the enigmatic treasures that are kept hidden.

To make the task simpler for the players, they are provided with the Agent’s Clue.

Upon studying the Agent’s Clue, you can discover the map that holds the information to locate the Pirate Stash.

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Decipher Agents Clues In Skull And Bones

It is essential to decipher the information from the Clues to secure the Agent’s Stash in Skull and Bones.

As you study the Agent’s Clue, you can witness the treasure map with some strange symbols and a marked location.

Besides, the Agent’s Clues also provide a statement that conveys the essential information for the players.

Agent's Clue In Skull And Bones
Players should examine the Agent’s Clue before venturing into the Cutthroat Secrets in Skull And Bones.

After interpreting the Agent’s Clue information, you learn that the treasure map hints towards the sunken Gold mine.

Sunken Gold mine is located in the Ziwa Kubwa region which is located at the west part of the map of Skull and Bones.

However, it is hard to spot the hidden treasure within the massive area of the Sunken Gold Mine.

Thus, you should pay close attention to the details to spot the exact location of the Agent’s Stash in the treasure map.

Locate Sunken Gold Mine Settlement For Agents Clues

Players should begin their journey from the main starting camp to reach the Sunek Gold Mine Settlement efficiently.

From the starting camp, players should sail towards the far west to reach the sunken Gold Mine.

However, if your starting location is Harufu, players should travel towards the east to reach the Sunken Gold Mine Settlement.

You must be prepared and fully charged with your abilities, as you can likely spot other pirates going after the same treasure.

Additionally, the journey to the Sunken Gold Mine Settlement is unpredictable, so prepare for the worst weather conditions.

Once you reach the Sunken Gold Mine Settlement, explore its area to find the hidden Agent’s Stash location.

Location Of Agents Stash In Skull And Bones

With the treasure map as the Agent’s Clue, players should try to find the spot to obtain the Agent’s Stash.

Locating the correct spot to hunt down the treasure might prove to be difficult in this vast area of the Sunken Gold Mine Settlement.

Moreover, the location for the Agent’s Stash is random for each player; hence, there is no such thing as an exact location.

Some places are worth exploring within the Sunken Gold Mine Settlement to find these mysterious loots.

Navigate towards the rugged terrain of the Sunken Gold Mine Settlement until you spot the pirate’s bonfire.

Spotting The Read Beam Light in Skull And Bones
Always search for the Red Beam Light to find the exact location of Agent’s Stash in Skull and Bones.

Besides that, some players have located it at the top of the hill around the little rock with some marks.

You can try exploring these areas and look out for the read-beam light pop-up as it denotes the Stash’s location.

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