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Where Is Event Island In Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruit has introduced a new special island called Event Island for the Christmas holiday in 2023.

Players can explore the Event Island in Blox Fruits to find different types of fruits and presents.

The event Isand in Blox Fruits is an exclusive Island that appears during the holiday season and offers free accessories, and presents. It is located at all sea levels in the game.

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What Is Event Island In Blox Fruits?

The Event Island is a special island that appears in Blox Fruits during events such as Christmas.

Further, the Christmas event island for 2023 is filled with all the festival goodies and beautiful decorations.

Likewise, there is a large Christmas tree with various presents under that tree.

event island in blox fruit
Beautifully decorated Event Island in Blox Fruit.

The event Island usually offers exclusive rewards, such as rare fruits or accessories as presents, for players who explore this island.

Random presents spawn in the event island every hour after the event timer runs out.

During the present event, players have to make sure they are within the green circle to get the present.

There is also a Santa Claus on the Island that players can interact with to trade limited-time special items.

Event island in Blox fruits
Players can interact with Santa in the event island in Blox fruits.

However, the event Island with unique presents is only available during the Christmas event that lasts until the end of December.

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Location Of All Christmas/Event Island In Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits, the location of Event Island varies each year depending on the event and the sea.

During the event, a timer resets every hour, and a present will spawn after the timer runs out.

Further, the location of the event island at each sea level is listed below:

1. First Sea

In the first sea, you can find the Event Island near the Marine Fortress.

You need to start from the Starter Island and head toward the Marine Fortress. 

Players can get free fruits and presents during the event after the timer runs out.

2. Second Sea

In the second sea, you can find the Event Island near Sky Island.

You need to start from the Snow Island and head toward the Sky Island.

event island second sea
Players can explore the event island in the second sea as well.

Then, look for the island with festival decorations.

3. Third Sea

In the third sea, you can find the Event Island right next to Chocolate Island.

You need to start from the Middle Island and head toward Cake Island.

Then, explore around the sea to locate the special event island.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the Christmas event Island is a special festival island where players can get free presents.

The free presents spawn randomly on the island and give one free fruit at a time.

Further, players can explore all the sea levels for random presents. 

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