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Palworld Furnace Not Working And Bugged: Unable To Light Or Throw

In Palworld, some of the players are reporting that their furnace is not working properly.

Due to this issue, Pals are standing in front of the furnace but not performing the intended tasks.

To address this, players should ensure they have a Pal with the Kindling skill, optimize furnace placement in an open area, address pathing obstacles, and report persistent technical issues to the developers.

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Furnace Not Working In Palworld

The furnace is a tool players can use to make stuff like charcoal and ingots.

But, it seems like there are a few hiccups that players are running into with the Furnace.

Additionally, it’s not possible for players to light or throw items into the furnace.

 needs a Pal with Kindling skill
The furnace needs a Pal with the Kindling skill to operate effectively.

Firstly, you need a special Pal with the Kindling skills to operate the furnace; think of this Pal as a fire expert.

A creature called Foxparks seems to be the best fit for this job because it breathes fire.

However, some players report that even if they have the right Pal, the furnace isn’t doing its job properly.

Pals are standing in front of it but not getting the work done.

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Why Is Furnace Not Working In Palworld?

It appears there are issues with the furnace in Palworld, preventing its proper functionality.

Hence, here are some comprehensible points describing potential causes:

  • Pal Skill Requirement: The furnace needs a Pal with the Kindling skill to operate effectively.
  • Spatial Considerations: If the furnace is positioned too close to walls or storage containers, it might hamper the Pal’s ability to interact with it.
  • Sanity Levels Of Pals: Pals with low sanity might also not work as efficiently.
  • Pathing And Interference: Pathing issues may arise, causing Pals to stand idle in front of the furnace without performing the required tasks.
  • Game Early Access And Updates: Palworld is currently in early access; bugs and glitches are anticipated during this phase.
  • Potential Bugs: In certain instances, bugs within the game code may be hindering the furnace’s functionality.

Fixes For Furnace Not Working In Palworld

Here are some troubleshooting steps to help you resolve the problem and get your furnace back to working order:

1. Missing Essentials

Make sure that your selected Pal possesses the Kindling skill, which is essential for operating the furnace.

For example, Foxparks, a fire-based Pal, is a suitable choice.

You need to double-check if you’ve built the Primitive Furnace.

Remember, it requires research at level 10 and crafting materials like wood, stone, and Flame Organs.

 a fire-based Pal
Foxparks are a fire-based Pal which possesses kindling skills.

Also, ensure you’ve filled them with wood for charcoal production or ore for ingots.

Don’t forget to choose your desired output and quantity before hitting “Start Production.”

2. Optimize Furnace Placement

Sometimes, our furry friends get lost in the shuffle. Try picking up your Kindling Pal and then placing them directly next to the furnace.

Then, ensure your base layout isn’t too cramped, as that can confuse their pathfinding.

Additionally, examine the location of your furnace, if it’s too close to walls or storage containers, it might interfere with Pal’s ability to use it.

Hence, create some distance and ensure an open area for seamless interaction.

3. Address Pathing Issues

Observe if there are obstacles or interference in the Pal’s path to the furnace.

Adjust the surroundings to ensure a clear path, allowing the Pal to perform tasks without limitation.

Likewise, low Pal sanity can lead to decreased efficiency. So, before you assign tasks, assess the well-being of your Pals.

If they seem passive, consider placing them in the Pal Box briefly to reset their mood.

4. Technical Troubles

If rebuilding, changing location, or restarting the game doesn’t fix it, you might face a bug.

Report it to the Palworld developers, they appreciate your feedback and work hard to keep the fires burning.

However, Palworld is in its early access phase, signifying ongoing development.

So, regularly check for game updates and patches, as developers often release fixes and improvements.

Engage with the Palworld community through forums or official support channels.

Other players may have encountered similar issues and could offer valuable insights or workarounds.

Some players suggest starting a new world or waiting for updates to solve the problem.

The Bottom Line

However, ensure the presence of a Pal with the Kindling skill, optimize the placement of the furnace, and monitor the Pal’s sanity.

By addressing these aspects, players can enhance their gameplay experience and overcome challenges related to the furnace.

Hence, staying informed about game updates is also recommended to resolve the furnace-related issues in Palworld.

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