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Fallout 76 Freebies: How To Get Them?

Bethesda Game Studios is looking to celebrate the fifth birthday of Fallout 76 by rewarding players with freebies.

Players will have the opportunity to acquire Halloween-themed items and gear specifically designed for the game’s birthday celebration.

In Fallout 76’s anniversary, players can unlock exclusive items by completing daily and weekly anniversary challenges. Players will get freebies from Oct 23 to Nov 14.

This article discusses why there are freebies in Fallout 76 and its rewards.

What Are The Freebies Items In Fallout 76?

Several items are free for players, which can be claimed on different days in Fallout 76.

The 1st Members of Fallout will get The Giant Brontosaurus, a dinomite addition to any C.A.M.P.

Here are some items that are free for players until November 7:

1. The Giant Brontosaurus

The Giant Brontosaurus is a decoration item in Fallout 76 that was added to the Atomic Shop in October 2023.

Therefore, it is a giant dinosaur statue that can be used to decorate player C.A.M.P.s.

Brontosaurus freebies in Fallout 76
Giant Brontosaurus dinomite in Fallout 76.

The Giant Brontosaurus was added to the game as part of the Halloween decorations in the Atomic Shop.

It is not a creature that can be found in the game world but rather a cosmetic item that can be purchased with Atoms.

2. Spooky Candy Bowl

The Spooky Candy Bowl is an object in Fallout 76 that has special functionality during the Spooky Scorched community event.

The candy bowl will only dispense candy to players wearing costumes.

Therefore, C.A.M.P.s with spooky candy bowls will be marked on the map with a pumpkin icon.

3. Vault-Tec Linoleum

Vault-Tec cross linoleum floor and foundations and Vault-Tec modern linoleum floor and foundations are workshop objects.

These linoleum floors can be used to decorate player camps and workshops and are available in the Atomic Shop.

Furthermore, you must visit Atomic Shop from Oct 31 to Nov 6 to claim different rewards.

Similarly, rewards like consumables, in-game currencies, and many more can be collected; the items in detail are:

  • Caps x250
  • Carry Weight Booster
  • Lunchbox x2
  • Scrap Kit
  • Vault-Tech Supply Package (Level 2)
  • Repair Kit

Why There Are Freebies In Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 is rewarding players with freebies by celebrating their fifth anniversary.

Players can collect rewards for both Halloween and their birthday-themed gear.

Moreover, players can collect rewards by defeating Scorched enemies with creepy costumes.

After defeating the Scorched enemies, you will get mysterious candy which can lead to rare Legendary items.

fallout 76 freebies bundle
You can claim a free in-game bundle in this event of Fallout 76.

Moreover, players can engage in virtual trick-or-treat experiences by visiting other players’ C.A.M.P.s.

Similarly, you can get rewards by completing daily and weekly trick-or-treat challenges.

You have to be active in the game to claim rewards daily.

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What Are The Upcoming Events In Fallout 76 Until November 14?

Since the event starts from October 23 to November 14, there are different events on each day.

The upcoming awaits players to claim exciting free rewards in Fallout 76. Therefore, the event lasts long, which will benefit players to grind.

The different events until November 14 are as follows:

October 23Fallout Day
Prime Gaming 5th Birthday Bundle
October 24Game Pass Perk 5th Birthday Bundle
Spooky Scorched Event Begins (Ends 11/7)
October 25Wasteland Classroom Stream With King Gothalion And Kenneth From Chat: A Fallout 76 Podcast
November 1Wasteland Classroom Stream With Tooniversal And Nerdynetty
November 2Dev Q&A On Discord of Bethesda Studios
November 7Birthday Challenge Event Begins (Ends 11/21)
November 14Fallout 76's 5th Anniversary
Birthday Parade Stream With Fallout For Hope And Chad Podcast

The Bottom Line

Fallout 76’s anniversary event will reward players with excellent exclusive items.

Therefore, players will enjoy the Halloween event and its freebies until November 14.

Hence, some announcements can be made for events in Discord, so you have to stay tuned.

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