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How Can You Save Rolan In BG3?

Rolan is a tiefling wizard who is consistently present in the game from the start and stays till the end.

His questline is one of the most interesting and rewarding in Baldur’s Gate 3.

However, during the quest he is cornered by shadows, and he needs rescue.

In BG3, players must find and speak to Rolan to complete the quest in all three acts. However, the main step is to save Rolan and his siblings from the shadows to complete his quest. 

Continue reading more about how you can save Rolan in BG3.

Who Is Rolan In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Rolan is a complex and well-developed tiefling character in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

He is portrayed as arrogant and self-centered in the beginning, but he undergoes significant character development throughout the game.

However, depending on the player’s decision his questline and activities revolve around different situations. 

Rolan in BG3.
Rolan says he came to save his siblings.

As he experiences the dangers and hardships of the world, Rolan learns to be more compassionate and selfless.

Later in the game, he comes to learn the importance of friendship and teamwork.

How To Unlock Rolan In BG3?

You should not progress too far in the game without rescuing Rolan since he can die and be removed from the game.

So you need to save him as early as possible in the game. To Unlock Rolan in BG3, players must complete the following steps:

  1. In Act One, travel to the Emerald Grove and meet Rolan and his siblings, Cal and Lia.
  2. Talk to Rolan and convince him to stay in the Emerald Grove to help the Tiefling refugees.
  3. Complete the defense against goblin raiders.
  4. In Act Two, travel to the Last Light Inn and meet Rolan again.
  5. Help Rolan to escape from there during the attack by the githyanki and the Bhaalspawn.
  6. After this, you can complete the “Find Rolan in the Shadows” quest.

Once you complete these steps, you can unlock Rolan as a playable character in the game.

Where Do You Find Rolan In BG3?

In Act One, players can find Rolan in The Hollow of the Emerald Grove.

He is seen arguing with his siblings about whether to stay and help the tiefling refugees or leave for Baldur’s gate.

If players can perform a persuasion check to convince Rolan to do the right things and stay then act two will start.

When Act Two begins, he will play a role in the defense against the goblin raiders.

You can encounter Rolan at the Last Light Inn in Act 2. After a while, Rolan leaves the inn and attempts to rescue his family on his own.

In this act, he’s somehow grumpier than before but for a good reason.

His siblings sacrificed themselves to distract the cultists while he protected the other refugees.

Similarly, in act three he is found at Ramazith’s tower.

Can You Save Rolan From Shadows?

After he escapes from the Last Light Inn, you should first locate him to save him from the Shadows.

Players can find Rolan in the shadow-cursed lands in the northeast of Moonrise Towers.

Rolan is found in the moonrise tower fighting with shadows.
Rolan is found in the moonrise tower fighting with shadows.

He is across the bridge south of the Trollhouse where he will be fighting a group of Shadow enemies.

You should defeat the Shadows quickly to save Rolan, as killing him in this fight is very easy.

Further, a simple mistake can cost his life. So, you need to be careful while fighting with Shadows.

Battle between Rolan and Shadows.
Battle between Rolan and Shadows.

Once you defeat the shadows, Rolan says that he is grateful for your help.

He then goes back to the Last Light Inn and waits for you to free Cal and Lia from the Moonrise towers.

You can either continue on your own journey or convince him to join your party.

How To Defeat Shadows To Keep Rolan Alive?

The Shadow curse becomes stronger as you travel deeper into the shadow-cursed land. So, defeating them quickly is crucial to save Rolan.

To keep him alive during the quest, you can start healing him once the combat begins.

There are a few things you can do to defeat shadows easily in BG3:

1. Use Fire and Radiant Damage

Shadows are vulnerable to fire and radiant damage so using these items can be effective.

So bring all the radiant spells and weapons that deal with fires while fighting with shadows.

You can set them on fire by throwing a bottle of grease for a fire attack.

2. Hold Person Spell

It is a level 2 enchantment spell that gives your party an advantage on attack rolls.

You can use this spell to hold the enemy back while attacking the other.

This spell will hold the humanoid enemy making them unable to move and act. 

3. Spells To Protect From Shadow Attacks

You can use various spells such as a torch or other light source to protect from shadow attacks.

Shadows can drain strength from the victims, so spells that give you resistance against them can be helpful.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Rolan can be a great companion to continue your Baldur’s Gate 3 journey.

You can save Rolan in BG3 by defeating the shadows to complete the quest fully.

Moreover, defeating shadows can be easy by using various spells and potions.

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