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Outer Portals Room In BG3: What To Do There?

In Baldur Gate 3, Portal is proven efficient and time-saving for players.

Furthermore, the game features several portals, and some can be found in the Outer Portals Room.

In BG3, the Outer Portals Room is located at House of Hope. Once you reach there, you have to interact with the Projection of Hope, a Raphael servant, and the Portals.

This article will explore the BG3 Outer Portals Room and what to do after leaving from there.

How To Get To Outer Portals Room in Baldure Gate 3?

The Outer Portals room is located at House of Hope in BG3; the room coordinates are x:6417 and Y:2918.

You must complete the Helsik Ritual in the Devil’s Free in the Lowercity to reach the House of Hope.

Upon reaching the House of Hope, navigate to the western portion of the map.

After that, you will arrive in front of the Outer Portal Room.

Map of House of Hope
A Map showing the Outer Portals Room on the right side.

What To Do In Outer Portals Room In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Once you reach the Outer Portal room, you will encounter a projection of NPC known as Hope.

She can help you get through the House of Hope and aid in the boss encounter.

Interact with her; she will tell you about this place and the Archivist.

Additionally, she mentions that this is the Chamber of Egress, and the Portal here crisscrosss different plains.

However, they won’t open for either you or her, and there are several portals in this room you can interact with.

Bg3 Outer Portals
As players enter the Portals Room, they will see several Portal to a different location.

Here is the list of all the portals:

  • Portal to Athkatla
  • Portal to Neverwinter
  • Portal to Waterdeep
  • Portal to Mephisstar
  • Portal to Luskan
  • Portal to Menziberranzan
  • Portal to Baldur’s Gate

Once you finish taking to Hope, you will find another NPC called Nubaldin, the keeper of the Outer Portal Room.

He ensures that no undesirable people enter the Portal and also reveals the earlier Hope is a trick of the light.

Moreover, her natural body is trapped in Raphael’s dungeon.

Then, if you select the first option, you will be rewarded a Chrisma and persuasion proficiency.

 BG3 Outer Portals
Select the first option to know the dungeon’s location where Hope is located.

Also, Nubaldin will reveal the path to reach the dungeon and warn you about the guards.

Once you are done talking, the task in the Outer Portals Room is finished, but you can still visit the room to rescue Hope.

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Aftermath From Outer Portals Room

Once you leave the Outer Portals Room, you will find the entrance to the dungeon on the right side, but the hatch will be locked.

To open the hatch, you must get everything from the Archives and the Boudoir.

Players must go to the hall’s west side to reach the Archives in House of Hope.

Now, players must pass a Charisma, Intelligence, or wisdom check.

Passing that will give you the invitation to enter the boudoir.

1. Defeat Haarlep And Get The Keys

Once players enter theh boudoir they will encouter Haarlep.

Players can convince Haarlep to get the keys from Raphel’s chest or fight Haarlep.

However, if you defeat him, you can get the key yourself.

You must only tear up the contract in the Archive to obtain the prison or steal the Orphic Hammer.

Once you do that, go to Hope using the hatch mentioned earlier.

It would be best if you defeated enemies like Spectators and six Vengeful Imps there.

Save Hope using orphic hammer
Players must destroy the two red stones using the Orphic Hammer to save Hope.

2. Save Hope 

Now, destroy the giant red crystals to free Hope. If you do not, go to Save Hope and try to exit through the Portal.

It would be best if you fought Raphael; he is challenging and complex to beat.

However, if you destroy every soul pillar in the room, Raphael’s ability will eventually run out.

Furthermore, you can take this opportunity and finish him.

The Bottom Line

Players will find the Outer Portals Room filled with several Portal. However, only Raphael can access these portals.

Therefore, you can only interact with it and read the descriptions.

Also, this room is the starting place where you first meet Hope, which you have to save later.

Remember that bringing an Orphic Hammer can significantly help save Hope.

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