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Can You Steal Fortuna In Starfield?

Players are claiming that they can build the ship in the game. 

However, some players claim that the exact parts to create Fortuna are still unavailable in the game. 

Fortuna is one of the most sought-after ships in Starfield. Furthermore, the ship links players to one of the bandit lords. However, due to the increasing interest in the ship, players are trying to find ways to build it themselves.

In this article, we will discuss Fortuna and whether you can steal it in Starfield.

What Is Fortuna In Starfield?

Fortuna is one of the ships that players will come across during their playthrough of Starfield.

Furthermore, the owner of the ship is Marco Garziani.

Players will find the ship on Codos in the Cheyenne System.

You can choose Attack Him or Show Badge the first time you meet Marco.

If you choose to attack him, you must go up against him and his armed forces team.

However, you will get further dialogues if you show him the badge.

What Happens If You Accept Or Deny Request?

During the dialogues, you must choose I want details of the first’s operations, including who hired you.

This will prompt Marco to ask something from you. If you accept his request, you can get various benefits.

However, there is a catch to it. If you are with Sarah Morgan and you accept the request, she will disapprove of your acceptance of the request.

Furthermore, if you accept Marco’s request, the Fortuna area will be neutral to you, and you can go in and out of it as you please.

If you decline Marco’s request, Sarah Morgan will approve of your righteousness.

After making the choice, you must fight against Marco and his crew members.

After defeating them all, you will obtain the Encrypted Slate and Keycard.

players cannot steal fortuna starfield
Fortuna is a ship that players can find when they meet Marco in Starfield

Furthermore, even if you side with Marco and complete his request, you can obtain the encrypted slate and keycard.

Thus, it is a choice you must make. Furthermore, all the events will happen with the Fortuna ship.

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Can You Steal Fortuna In Starfield?

No! You cannot steal Fortuna in Starfield. Players are unable to access the cockpit of the Fortuna ship.

Unlike other ships, Fortuna does not have any loopholes.

However, Fortuna holds a lot of loot for players to take away.

After defeating Marco, players can use the keycard to access various parts of the ship that contain loot that players can take for themselves.

Furthermore, some players claim they can build the Fortuna using certain parts; however, it is still unclear if you can create the ship.

Players have also noticed that Fortuna uses certain parts that players cannot find in the game.

According to Bethesda, every ship is a buildable ship.

However, in the case of Fortuna, that does not apply, it seems.

Players can expect a mod for Fortuna soon since most players want to own the Fortuna ship. 

Contrarily, the modding community will provide players with access to obtaining the ship soon. 

The Bottom Line

Fortuna is one of the most sought-after ships in the game.

Players cannot steal it, unlike every other ship in the game.

Furthermore, players cannot find the exact parts to create one either, which frustrates players. 

We can expect a mod for the ship later from the modding community for Starfield. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning if you can steal the Fortuna or not in Starfield. 

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