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Obtaining The Most Expensive Ship In Starfield

Many players are eager to know and get the most expensive ship in Starfield.

The ship boats the attack and travel around the galaxies faster.

The most expensive ship of Starfield is Narwhal which costs 432620 credits before discount. Players can buy the ship in Taiyo Astroneering showroom of the Ryujin Building in Neon.

Continue reading to discover the most expensive Spaceship in , its purchase location and the usage of it.

Ships In Starfield

All kinds of ship in Starfield allows players to explore various location and have various feature attached to it.

Players can customize as well as hijack the ship from various factions or characters.

Players can search for Best Place to buy ships and search for the impressive and preferred spaceship.

Unfortunately, the cost can be quite high for an enhanced ship than the normal ones. 

Players can equip multiple ships from expensive to cheap ones in their outpost.

 The ability, module in all the ship and the structure differs from ship to ship.

Also, there are tons of parts attaches to the Spaceship wide range of selection.

Some of them are bays, habitats, cargo, cockpits, engine, gravity drivers, structure, shield and weapons.

Most Expensive Ship In Starfield

The ship with the highest cost in is definitely Narwhal, one of the Starfield Best Class C ship.

starfield most expensive ship
Narwhal, the most expensive ship in Starfield.

Narwhal gives the tough competition  to the best ships including Razorleaf, Wanderwell, Silent runner and frontier.

The ship costs a staggering 432620 credits, and seems  a pretty huge investment.

Narwhal is probably the best ship with both the offensive and defensive capabilities, thanks to its 82 missiles and 995 shield.

The spaceship mass is 1593 where players can add the fuel up to 568 litres and offers 24 lasers.

Moreover, upto seven crew member or companions can travel in the Narwhal ship.

It offers a impressive 30 L Y for jumping , has 36 reactors in total.

The most expensive ship can hold more than 1700 cargo at once, but ballistic of 114 lacks the punch.

In addition , all the stats of the ship can be enhanced with further upgrades, reinstallation and customization.

How To Buy the Most Expensive Ship In Starfield?

If players are willing to invest higher credits to get themselves a Narwhal follow the process, 

1. Head To The Taiyo Astroneering

There are different locations were players can buy ship in Starfield.

However, the Narwhal is can only be purchased from the merchant in the Taiyo Astroneering in Neon, Volii Alpha.

Players must visit the right side of building to the Neon Core. 

Ryujin Building
Enter the Ryujin building.

Initially, player must head to the elevator and select the Taiyo Astroneering Floor.

However, before entering the location players should ensure they have rank 4 on the piloting skills of tech category.

If players are lacking the rank, they can play the flight training simulator in the mass building.

2. Meet The Sales Girl

After reaching the Taiyo Astroneering floor, search for the showroom section.

Players must approach Veronica Young, the sales girl and select the first option to look the selections.

Taiyo Astroneering
Select the first option to reply Veronica.

Players will have a wide selection of six spaceships along with the Narwhal.

Some of the ships including Hammerhead II, Falcon II, Sparrow II, Dolphin, Hammerhead and Pelican are found there.

3. Purchasing The Ship

The Narwhal is the seven ship on the list, players can go through the stats and choose the best ship as well.

Players with the higher commerce perk can also get the ship for a discounted price.

The original price can cost 432620 credits, however with the discount players can get for as low as 379318.

Narwhal ship
Buying Narwhal for discounted price.

After purchasing the ship, players should also register them before they use them.

Exterior wise the ship looks pretty solid and bulky, thanks to its blue color configuration and higher space.

starfield most expensive ship
Narwhal exterior in the player’s outpost.

On the other hand, the interior of the ship is blissful as well, distributed in multiple sections and floors.

Lastly, not only the ship is powerful and indestructible, the overall structure and design of it is great as well.

The Bottom Line

Narwhal is by far the most expensive ship in Starfield, however players can get discount of they have a perk. 

The powerful ship can deploy higher damage in attack and ensure a layer of safety while defending the enemies.

If players are not willing to spend much creds for this ship, players can go for the Abyss Trekker and Crimson Fleet Wight III.

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