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Starfield Fuel Consumption: Ways To Lower It

Fuel consumption is an essential aspect of traveling in Starfield.

It affects how often you need to refuel and how many enemies you encounter.

Managing your fuel efficiently can help you save time and avoid trouble by making fewer jumps. 

Two main ways to lower your fuel consumption in Starfield are skills and fuel tanks. An alternative way is choosing shorter routes or avoiding systems with high enemy activity.

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How Does Fuel Work in Starfield?

In Starfield, you can fly a ship with a grav drive to different stars.

This grav drive makes a hole in space and lets you jump through it. However, it needs fuel to work. 

Players can refuel even if they are not at their final destination as long as they complete a jump.

To automatically fill up the fuel in space, you need to jump.

grav drive
Players can power up their grav drive.

You must jump to another system or dock at a station to refuel your ship.

Fuel affects how far you can travel in one jump, but it is not the only factor.

Your skills and fuel tanks also influence your jump distance and fuel consumption.

You can manually travel from one system to the next if you don’t have enough fuel to reach a faraway system. 

However, this replenishes your fuel as you go. Moreover, you can reach your destination with more stops along the way.

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How To Lower Fuel Consumption?

Fuel consumption is the amount of fuel you use when you travel between different star systems using your ship’s gravity drive.

Lowering fuel consumption can help you save time and avoid enemies by making fewer jumps.

Skills and fuel tanks are two main ways to lower your fuel consumption in Starfield.

1. Skills

Skills let you unlock and upgrade by spending skill points.

One of the skills that affects your fuel consumption is Astrodynamics, which is under the Science skill tree.

Astrodynamics reduces the amount of fuel you use and extends the distance you can travel on a single jump.

2. Fuel Tanks

Fuel tanks are modules you can install on your ship by visiting a ship technician.

They vary in size and cost, but they all increase fuel storage.

The more fuel you have, the less you need to refuel after each jump.

The best fuel tank is the 900T He3 Tank, which holds 650 fuel units.

However, it also requires a high level of Starship Design skills.

You can find cheaper and smaller fuel tanks such as the 100T He3 Tank or the 160T He3 Tank.

add fuel tanks
You can add many fuel tanks to increase fuel storage.

An Alternative Way To Lower Your Fuel

A higher fuel capacity can help you save time and avoid enemies by making fewer jumps.

Alternately, you can lower your fuel use by choosing shorter routes or avoiding systems with high enemy activity.

You can see your Star Map from anywhere by pausing and selecting it from the menu.

The Star Map shows you the distance and fuel cost of each jump, as well as the threat level of each system.

You can fly your ship to the next star if you don’t have much fuel.

This gives you more fuel when you do. Also, you can get to where you want with more jumps.

star map
Players can use the star map.

Benefits Of Lower Fuel Consumption

 Lowering your fuel consumption can help you in many ways, such as:

1. Saving Time

Using less fuel, you can travel farther in one jump, reaching your destination faster.

Thus, you don’t have to make as many stops to refuel or wait for your fuel to replenish.

2. Avoiding Enemies

Using less fuel, you can choose shorter routes or bypass systems with high enemy activity.

Thus, it can reduce the risk of encountering hostile ships or pirates attacking or stealing your cargo.

3. Saving Money

Using less fuel can save credits that you would otherwise spend on buying more fuel or repairing your ship after a fight.

Therefore, you can use those credits to buy better weapons, armor, or modules for your ship.

The Bottom Line

Your ship refills automatically while you are flying or exploring the planets. 

Your fuel tank is almost always full, and it only affects the length of your gravity jump.

However, you can’t refuel your ship beyond its maximum capacity.

The game will not allow you to make a gravity jump if you have chosen too long a route.

However, you can jump to a closer system, wait a bit, and jump again to reach your desired destination.

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