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Cant Build Palbox On Base In Palworld: Is It Bugged?

The Palbox is a crucial element in Palworld, serving as a storage unit for your valuable items and resources.

Currently, players are reporting some issues with the Palbox where they are unable to Build it in Palworld.

According to players, as they try to build the Palbox the bounding box is expanded up to 20x of actual size.

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What Is Palbox In Palworld?

Palbox is a structure that serves as a fast travel point, and a place you can work Pals similar to a home base.

It can be purchased at tier level 2 of technology items and requires 1 point to unlock and install it.

This structure provides you with the facility of storing captured Pals and recovering their health while they are inside.

The area around the structure where Pals are stored becomes your main base in the game.

Palbox In Palworld
An image of Palbox in Palworld which is also known to be your base in the game.
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What Is Cant Build Palbox Bug?

Can’t build palbox bug refers to an issue where players are unable to place the Palbox in any location.

As they try to place or build the Palbox, the boundary size becomes bigger than the sun and can’t be built anywhere.

Hence, this seems to be an in-game issue as sometimes the resources could collapse in the middle of the game.

Some causes that might have caused these issues are:

  1. Internet Issue
  2. Corrupts Game files
  3. Error in loading resources
  4. Server issue
  5. In-game Issue
Can't build Bug In Palworld
The boundry size of the Palbox becomes 20x times bigger then normal in this bug.

How To Build Palbox In Palworld?

Palbox is a crucial component of the game and you have to build it at a point to continue the journey in Palworld.

Its currently facing a bug where players are unable to build it as its boundary size becomes huge.

You can fix it by rotating it with your mouse wheel as you see the boundary size 20x times bigger.

However, if the bug continues then save your game, exit, and restart the game and it will be fixed.

After fixing the bug follow these steps to build the Palbox in Palworld.

1. Reach Level 2

Palboxes are homes to both the Player and their Pals, allowing them to build a base where they can recover.

You need to reach at least level 2 to unlock the Palbox in your Technology items section of the inventory.

2. Gather Required Resources

As all items or structures come with a cost, Palbox also requires some resources to be built.

You will need 1 Palladium Fragment, 8 Wood, and 3 Stones to build the Palbox.

3. Unlock Palbox

Gathering all the resources and reaching level 2 in the game fulfills the requirements for the Palbox.

Therefore, now you need to go to the Technology section at the tier 2 level, where you will find Palbox to unlock.

4. Place The Palbox

To build a Palbox, you need an open area without any obstacles, ensuring there is sufficient space at any location.

Hence, make sure to find a spacious location, and if the bug occurs save the game and restart it to fix it.

5. Decrease The Time Of Building To Solve Cant Build Palbox Issue

As you start building your Palbox, try to use your builder Pals to assist you in building the Palbox.

Using more workers speeds up the process, ultimately saving you time.

Best Base Location In Palworld

To spot the best base location in Palworld, you need to find a place with existing crafting resources and materials.

This will help you to build the base efficiently and also come in handy for any future upgrades.

Try to find multiple locations in the world that have multiple Ore Mining Nodes which easily accessible.

These locations create the perfect spot for bases dedicated to Mining as much Ore as possible.

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