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How To Find Captain Cosmos Power Armor?

Captain Cosmos is a quest in Fallout 76 where you must find the delivery and exit through the emergency exit.

Finding the Power Armor is a part of this quest which is named CC-00 power armor in the game.

The Captain Cosmos Power Armor can be found in the Atomic shop till Jan 23, 2024, for 1350 or in the Hub 360 location in a room above the scaffolding next to the film set. Moreover, players can actively purchase individual pieces for 15 Captain Cosmos toy boxes each via the Captain Cosmos redemption machine.

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What Is The Captain Cosmos Power Armor In Fallout 76?

Before the Great War, the creators actively crafted the Captain Cosmos Power Armor, also known as CC-00 power armor.

The United States Space Administration actively created this power armor as a promotional stunt.

CC-00 Power Armor.
An image of the Captain Cosmos Power Armor, also known as CC-00 Power Armor.

Its design stands out with a pristine white and orange paint, stamped with the Captain Cosmos logo.

An oxygen tank on the upper back actively accessorizes the armor, mimicking the appearance of an astronaut suit.

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Where To Find The Captain Cosmos Power Armor?

The easiest way to find the Captain Cosmos Power Armor is in the Atomic shop until Jan 23rd.

You can get the Bundle for a discounted price of 1350 for a limited time instead of 1700.

Moreover, Hubris Studios received several sets of armor on set at Hub 360 on October 20, 2077, for the season finale.

Hence, these armors can be obtained in the Hub 360 location above the scaffolding next to the film set.

Hub 360 is an unmarked location in the Theater District of Boston at 2287, west of the Harbormaster Hotel.

It can also be reached south of Water Street apartments, through an alleyway and multiple back-end stairwells.

Hub 360 FO4
The picture indication the location named Hub 360 in Fallout 76.

How To Find The Captain Cosmos Power Armor?

The power armor is inferior to the X-01 power armor in terms of Damage and Energy Resistance.

Therefore, finding the item is worth for hard work you face during the journey by following the process;

1. Start Your Journey

Begin your quest for the Power Armor by actively ensuring you equip yourself with the required gear.

This adventure may take you to different locations, so preparation is key.

2. Reach Hub 360

As you go along the path to reach the Hub 360 at the location directed above, you will find the location eventually.

After finding it enter the location head towards every room and search for a room with scaffolding.

Hub 360 local map
Follow this map to find the Film set, and next to it there, you can find a room where the Cosmos Armor is located.

3. Search Above The Scaffolding

Safely keeping the power armor above the scaffolding in the Hub 360 location in Fallout 76 is a Film set.

So, try searching for the Scaffolding and look above it to find the armor.

4. Stay Persistent

Finding rare items in Fallout 76 can be a patient process if you don’t succeed on your first attempt, try again.

It’s not hard as many players have successfully acquired it after long tries and patience.

5. Buy Individual Pieces

Players have the option to actively purchase individual components of the Power Armor from the shop.

Therefore, if you want an easy way, you can invest some coins to buy it.

The Bottom Line

Embarking on the journey to find the Power Armor in Fallout 76 is an exciting endeavor.

By following the given steps, you’ll increase your chances of obtaining this coveted piece of equipment.

So, gear up, team up, and dive into the adventure as you seek the legendary Captain Cosmos Power Armor.

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