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Is There A Key To Unlock Caravanserai Door In AC Mirage?

The abandoned caravanserai is one of the key areas in the Wilderness west of Assassin’s Creed Mirage(AC Mirage).

Players can get a gear chest in this landmark if they are curious enough to solve a puzzle.

And it can take quite a while to figure out how to unlock this door when you first encounter this place.

No key exists in AC Mirage to open the door for Gear Chest in the abandoned Caravanserai; players must unlock it from inside for access.

Continue reading this article to learn how to unlock the door for the gear chest.

Alternative Way To Unlock The Door

It should be noted that the door for the gear chest was never intended to be opened with a key.

In fact, players will be able to see lots of maneuverable platforms around the area if they just look up.

Caravanserai Door In AC Mirage
Caravanserai Door is the location where players can find a gear chest.

The idea is to scour through these platforms until they find a point of access inside the chest building.

To keep it short, players have to enter the chest building through one of the top windows and destroy the lock from the inside.

But there are certain steps that players need to follow in order to reach the window.

Key Steps For Solving  Gear Chest Puzzle In Caravanserai

As soon as players try to interact with the main door, it will display the message “The Door Is Barred From The Other Side.”

This gives us a hint that it is a puzzle and we must find an alternative way to get inside this door.

To solve this puzzle, follow these steps:

  1. Head towards the west side of the building and climb on the broken wagon.
  2. Then, climb on the black canopy and jump on the white pole that is attached to the wall.
  3. Keep jumping over to the wooden footings and walk along the ropes until you reach the building’s window.
  4. Stand on the wooden footing and climb onto the building’s open window above the white clothing.
Unlocking The Door In Abandoned Caravanserai
You can unlock The Door in Abandoned Caravanserai.
  1. Reach inside the window and drop into the building on the wooden barricade footing.
  2. Scan the area once to display all the items near you. Doing so will reveal a red lock on the door.
  3. Now, throw one of the daggers at the red lock to unlock the door.
  4. Players can press L2/LT  to aim and the R2/RT button to throw the dagger.
  5. After destroying the lock, go outside the building and head towards the unlocked main door.
  6. Interact with the door to open it and reveal a golden chest on a wooden platform.
  7. Players can loot this chest which will give them the Hidden One Sword.
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Hidden One Sword In Assassin’s Creed Mirage

The Hidden One Sword is a rare item in AC Mirage that can be obtained in abandoned caravanserai.

It is a fairly good weapon which has a base damage of 35 and 60 defensive damage.

Hidden One Sword AC Mirage
Hidden One Sword is a rare item in AC Mirage.

Additionally, it possesses an attribute called Venomous which poisons enemies on every 5th hit.

Players should access the menu and then click on the inventory option to access this item.

Then, they must click on the sword icon that appears below the outfit dye and on the Hidden One Sword to equip it or view its details.

The Bottom Line

The Hidden One Sword is one of the best free-to-play weapons in the game with great versatility.

Fining it can be quite a hassle, as players should have insight into the puzzle in the abandoned Caravanserai.

However, with a bit of detective work around the area, players will be able to figure out the puzzle.

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