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Nele Springer: Ally Or Foe In Cyberpunk

Road to Redemption is one of the missions available in the newly added Phantom Liberty DLC

Once you have completed the Firestarter main job, the player gets to meet a new character Nele Springer.

Nele Springer is a character in Cyberpunk 2077 who is a former member of the Crimson Harvest terrorist group who now works with V to stop a terrorist attack in Berlin.

Continue reading to learn more about Nele Springer, her role in Road to Redemption, and the consequences of siding with her.

Who Is Nele Springer In Cyberpunk?

Nele Springer is a complex but well-developed character who is intelligent, resourceful, and determined.

After her family lost their land to a big company, she moved to Night City from the farm.

She studied chemistry at a university and joined a group called Crimson Harvest in 2074 which is considered terrorists.

In the mission Roads to Redemption, you can choose whether to help her or side with Biotechnica agents.

Nele’s role is very important though she is deeply conflicted about her past and her current actions.

She provides V with valuable information and resources, forcing her to confront their beliefs and motivations.

nele springer is a smart and brave character who used to be in a terrorist group
Nele Springer is a smart and brave character who used to be in a terrorist group.
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Nele Springer’s Role In Roads To Redemption In Cyberpunk 

Nele Springer’s role in the gig can vary depending on the player’s choices.

You will first encounter Nele Springer at Dogtown Stadium.

She is a quest giver who provides you with the information and a data shard related to the mission.

Furthermore, you will get to learn about her connection to the mission and desire to stop a terrorist attack in Berlin.

Nele guides you on how to infiltrate the Biotechnica weapon factory by sharing the access code 1701.

She desires to prevent a nuke from being triggered which might give you a reason to get involved.

Moreover, she serves as a contact for V throughout the gig, providing them with updates and support.

Depending on how V chooses to resolve the gig, she could become an ally or an enemy to V.

Toward the end of the gig, you must decide whether to support Nele against Biotechnica agents or let them arrest her.

Consequences Of Siding With Nele Springer In Cyberpunk 

There are some consequences of siding with Nele Springer, but there is no right or wrong answer.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to side with Nele Springer is up to the players.

1. Lower Reputation With Mr. Hands

If you choose to support Nele Springer and take a stand against the Biotechnica agents, you will lose your reputation with Mr. Hands.

Mr, Hands is a powerful fixer in Night City; as a result of your decision, he will not provide you with jobs or help you out in the future.

2. Biotechnica As Your Enemy

Furthermore, helping Nele escape is risky and can put you in danger.

As Biotechnica is a powerful organization, they are more likely to target you or your loved ones in the future.

support Nele Springer and take a stand against the Biotechnica agents
Supporting Nele Springer and taking a stand against the Biotechnica agents.

3. Gain Reputation With Crimson Harvest

The Crimson Harvest is a terrorist organization who are a powerful force in Night City.

However, if you decide to side with Nele, you will gain a reputation with the Crimson Harvest which can help you out in the future.

The Bottom Line

Nele Springer is a smart and brave character who used to be in a terrorist group, but now she helps V stop other terrorist attacks.

In the end, Nele’s fate is up to the players, either to help Nele escape or turn her into the authorities.

If players decide to go against Nele, she will become hostile and attack them.

Therefore, Nele becoming a valuable asset or a dangerous foe depends upon V’s decision to choose to resolve the gig.

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