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Cyberpunk Kill So Mi Or Not: What Should You Choose?

Players must make several decisions and choices in Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty expansion.

Moreover, one of the most significant choices players have to make is whether to Kill So Mi Or Not.

Choosing to Kill So Mi or Not in Cyberpunk is up to the players. However, it is best not to Kill her because V needs her alive to get help from NUSA. Also, sparing So Mi will save her from their Neural Matrix and give her a chance to live again.

In this article, we will explore everything learn about So Mi and whether to Kill her.

Who Is So Mi In Cyberpunk 2077?

So Mi is a talented netrunner who works as an intelligence analyst for the NUSA.

She is commonly known as a pseudonym Songbird.

During the firestarter mission, if you help Solomon Reed then be ready to face Somewhat Damage.

Somewhat Damaged is the mission task with the MaxTac transport truck, battling a stalking robot and mainly deciding the fate of Songbird.

Once the Cerberus robot is shut down by the Songbird. Then head to the Core, and you will find Songbird on the floor.

Songbird after reaching core
Players will find Songbird after reaching the Core.

After that players are presented with a decision to kill Songbird or Not.

This decision also determines the base ending of Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty.

As for the decision, Reed is forcing you to try and find a way to save So Mi and provide her with the help she needs.

However, So-mi Does’n want a life that is on the FIA and dies in peace.

What Happens When You Kill So Mi In Somewhat Damaged?

Once you decide to Kill So Mi in Somewhat Damaged, Reed will arrive in the core and collapse in the knees after facing the dead body of So Mi.

Then, there will be a time skip where you will be in the car riding scene with Reed outside of Night City.

robo down after killing so mi
Reed will collapse and grieve after you kill So Mi on Cyberpunk 2077.

With Reed sulking and saying you didn’t wait for him and convinces Songbird that life is worth living.

You will only get the rewards of 5,000 Eurodollars, no Presidential Medal, and no promise to help cure them of the Relic.

Since you failed the mission of capturing So Mi alive. Nevertheless, you let So Mi die in peace while you honor her wish.

Furthermore, this decision will unlock the King of Cup ending path.

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What Happens When You Spare So Mi In Somewhat Damaged?

You can refuse So Mi’s request and convince her it’s better to live the life and spare her.

Although she insists on dying, you can choose to spare her anyway.

cyberpunk kill so mi or not
After you save So Mi, Reed will take you both out of the core.

Then, the reed will take you and So Mi both out of the core.

A time-skip occurs where Reed drives you to President Myer and other FBI agents.

This time Myer will reward you with 30,000 Eurodollars, a Presidential Medal, and a promise to help cure V and So Mi.

Furthermore, this may be the best outcome since So Mi is alive even though it is not what she wants.

This decision will unlock King of Pentacles‘ ending path.

What Should You Choose Kill  So Mi Or Not Cyberpunk 2077?

Although the decision is entirely based on the players, it is a tough choice.

By Killing So Mi you are honoring what she wanted to do, even upsetting the Myers and Reed.

However, you will not get the new ending if you choose this decision.

Even the Mayers asked you to capture her alive, and Reed wanted to save her from the tragedy of fighting Blackwall.

Killing her will turn everyone in the NUSA against you, however, Reed will be angry more than sad.

Presented Myars talking to V
Presented Myars talking to V about the surgery to cure her.

Furthermore, myars will even deny the surgery that would save your life.

Therefore, it’s probably best not to Kill the So-Mi at the end of Somewhat Damaged.

The Bottom Line

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty expansion has brought some new endings.

To get to those endings, players need to make some important decisions.

Choosing to Kill So Mi or not is the biggest decision players have to make to get the base ending.

Furthermore, choosing not to Kill So-Mi is the best option that provides the base ending.

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