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Talk To Bill: Explore His Insights In Cyberpunk 2077

Bill is a former NCPD officer who hires you to kill Joshua Stephenson, a convicted murderer who killed his wife.

In Cyberpunk 2077, you should talk to Bill to explore his story and see how he deals with the loss of his wife.

Bill is a complex and tragic figure who has suffered a lot and made questionable decisions. Therefore, talking to Bill in the game can give insight into his character and motivations. 

Continue reading to explore why you should talk to Bill and how to complete the related quests.

What Is Talk To Bill In Cyberpunk?

In Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty DLC, talk to Bill is a side quest.

It is a follow-up to the Gig Waiting for Dodger, where you helped Bill escape from the NCPD.

In this side job, you need to meet Bill at his new location in Heywood and talk to him about his new life.

You will also receive sowards from him, including a unique item that boosts your stamina regeneration rate.

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Further, it allows you to interact with a character named Bill Jablonsky. He was an NCPD officer but now sells hot dogs in a garage.

By talking to Bill, you can learn more about his backstory, motivations, and opinions on various topics.

You can also buy some of his products, including a unique item that boosts your stamina regeneration rate.

Completing this side job will reward you with eddies and street cred.

talk to bill
Talk to Bill to explore his story.

How To Complete Talk To Bill Quest?

To complete Cyberpunk 2077, talk To Bill quest, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Start the quest by replying to Bill’s message on your phone after completing the Gig titled Waiting For Dodger.
  2. Then, fast travel to Heywood using the Ventura & Skyline fast travel point and go to Bill’s garage, where he sells hot dogs.
  3. Now, talk to Bill and listen to his story. He will thank you for helping him escape the NCPD and wire you some eddies.
  4. You can buy some of Bill’s scopdogs and a unique item called Military-Grade Lactic Acid Recyclers.
  5. It increases your Stamina Regen Rate by 2%. This completes the quest.
Joshua killed Bill’s wife.

Solutions To The Talk To Bill Bug 

Some players have reported a bug where they can’t talk to Bill because the garage door is closed.

If you encounter a bug that prevents you from talking to Bill in the game, follow these steps to fix it.

You can try loading a save before you reply to his message and go to his location without replying.

This should make the garage door open. Alternatively, you can install the Open Sesame Mod on a PC, which allows you to open any door in the game.

If none of these solutions work, you may need to contact Cyberpunk 2077 support for further assistance.

The Bottom Line

Be careful when talking to Bill Jablonski. He is a dangerous man who is not afraid to use violence.

Be prepared for a fight if you bring Joshua Stephenson to Bill. Bill will try to kill Joshua, and the NCPD will try to stop him.

If you want to save Bill Jablonski, you must go to Joshua Stephenson. However, this is risky, as Bill may come after you later.

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