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Carbonara Value Jailbreak: A Guide To The Limited Supercar

If you are a fan of Jailbreak, the popular Roblox game, you might have heard of the Carbonara.

It is a limited-time supercar that was only available for five days during the 2023 Winter Update.

The Carbonara is a rare and coveted vehicle that can only be obtained through trading now, as it has gone off-sale since December 27th, 2023. Furthermore, the trading value of Carbonara in Jailbreak is around 2.5 million in cash or any equivalent tradeable items.
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What Is The Carbonara In Jailbreak?

The Carbonara is the first Pagani-based car in Jailbreak, and the first vehicle model by Plasmazilla, a community creator.

It has a special sound suite that mimics the V12 engine, and a reactive exhaust that emits backfire flames and crackles.

Similarly, it has a special performance tune that uses long gear ratios to simulate a realistic shifting feel when driving.

It can easily reach and maintain a speed of 320 MPH on the Jailbreak map, making it one of the fastest vehicles in the game.

Carbonara speed
Carbonara reached a speed of 320 mph.

However, it also has a downside, which is the braking performance is below average for a supercar.

It is the first car in Jailbreak that has a three-section customizable body, which can be colored separately from each other.

It also has a default Carbonara spoiler that can be swapped out for other spoilers if desired.

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How To Get The Carbonara In Jailbreak?

The Carbonara was released on December 22nd, 2023, as part of the Winter Update.

It was located in the Unknown Crate, a mysterious crate that washed up on the shore near the Lighthouse.

To get the Carbonara, players must pay 800,000 cash to unlock it.

The Carbonara was only available for five days, until December 27th, 2023.

After that, it became unobtainable and removed from the game to purchase.

The Carbonara also could not be traded until it went off-sale, to prevent players from transferring it to their alt accounts.

Now, the only way to get the Carbonara is through trading with other players who own it.

However, this is not easy, as the Carbonara is a very rare and valuable vehicle that not many players have.

What Is The Carbonara Value In Jailbreak?

The value of the Carbonara in Jailbreak depends on several factors, such as its rarity, demand, performance, and aesthetics.

The Carbonara is one of the rarest vehicles in the game, as it was only available for a short period and has a limited supply.

The Carbonara also has a high demand, as it is a sought-after vehicle by many collectors and enthusiasts.

However, the value of the Carbonara can change over time depending on the market and the preferences of the players.

According to JailbreakTrading, the current value of the Carbonara is around $2,500,000 cash.

Trading Carbonara
Trading Carbonara with a value equivalent to 2.5 million cash.

This value is based on the rarity, demand, and performance of the Carbonara, as well as the average trade offers that it receives.

However, this value is not official, and it can change at any time.

The value of the Carbonara is ultimately determined by the players who own it and trade it.

The Bottom Line

The Carbonara is a limited-time supercar that was added to Jailbreak in December 2023.

The value of the Carbonara is around $2,500,000 cash, but it can vary depending on the market and the players.

Carbonara is often duplicated in the game through exploits or hacking, which reduces its value and legitimacy.

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