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Jailbreak Scavenger Hunt All Items Locations

Jailbreak is the open-word action Roblox game that follows the criminal and police play style.

Players can choose whether to play as a criminal or a cop.

Did you know you can get the limited Item in Jailbreak if you participate in the Scavenger Hunt?

Scavenger Hunt is a new event where players must find six hidden Items scattered around the map in Jailbreak. Once all the items are found, the player will win the Limited Prize.

In this article, we will learn what is a Scavenger Hunt, how to pay for this mini-event and the location of all ten hidden items.

What Is Scavenger Hunt In Jailbreak?

This game is constantly updating with new content, such as weapons, vehicles, and locations.

The recent new update has brought the mini event called the Scavenger Hunt.

Scavenger Hunt is a limited event from July 19, 2023, to July 26, 2023. Therefore, players get a week to find the six items and win the SpyGlass Rim.

Furthermore, this mini-event is happening to celebrate the upcoming release of the new toys.

As this event is limited, Hurry up and participate to get your hands on a valuable Item for free! 

How To Play Scavenger Hunt In Jailbreak?

To play the Scavenger Hunt, the player just needs to download and install the game, go to the Scavenger Hunter starting location and find the hidden items.

Here are the steps to show how to play the Scavenger Hunt;

  1. If you are a new player, download the game from Roblox’s official website.
Download Roblox
You can play Jailbreak for free by downloading the Roblox Launcher.
  1. Join the game of Jailbreaker.
  2. Then, look for the Scavenger Hunter announcement in the game chat.
  3. Go to the central location of the mini-event to know which Item you need to find.
This is the starting point to start the Scavenger Hunt.
  1. Head to the location of the hidden Item and look for it.
  2. Once you find the hidden Item, interact with it to collect it.
  3. Repeat steps 5-6 to collect all six hidden items.
  4. Once you have collected all six items, you will win teh Spyglass Rim.
Jailbreak Scavenger Hunt All Items Locations
Your car looks like this when you insert the Spyglass Rim.

It is crucial to use a map that will show you the way around and ask other players for helps if you are stuck at some point.

Jailbreak Scavenger Hunt All Items Locations

Here is the location of all six Items of the Scavenger Hunt In Jailbreak;

  1. GhillieRifile: The first one is Located in the Gun store.
Jailbreak Scavenger Hunt All Items Locations
Go to the gun shop you will find the gun on the wall.
  1. Ice Cream: The next Item is ice cream with 3 locations; you can find one at the Donut shop counter, another at the cafeteria or gas station.
Ice Cream
This Item is found in three location cafeteria, a donut shop, and a gas station.
  1. ClownPistol: You must climb to the tower for this Item or go to the crime base.
Clime to the top of the tower to find the clown gun.
  1. BabyBottle: Search for the dog store where you can find the BabyBottle.
Jailbreak Scavenger Hunt All Items Locations
You can find this Item in the dog store.
  1. BangGun: You can Pick this Item by going to the Museum, or most of the players already own this Item.
  2. Newspaper: This Item you can find inside the police station over the computer desk, or you can find inside the prison.
Lastly, this Item can be found at the police station.

You don’t have to follow the step serially; you can also randomly search items.

If you cannot find some Items, they might be at different locations.

You can restart the server and look at the Items; however, you must collect the Item from the start.

The Bottom Line

After you collect all the Items, you will get the Spyglass Items; but you will not get any notification.

You must manually search the rim by navigating the garage menu to know you got the prize.

Make sure you explore every corner because the items are tiny.

The Scavenger Hunt is a fun way to explore the Jailbreak map and collect limited-time items.

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