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Unlock Rewards With Bank Cash Register Key In Tarkov

Players are curious about where to find the Bank Cash register key to obtain valuable loot in Tarkov.

Furthermore, the bank cash key is a special item in the game, as it is full of rewards for those who seek it.

In Tarkov, the Bank cash register key is a special key that players must find to unlock cash register booths containing valuable loot and stacks of Roubles. Furthermore, finding the key is a bit of a challenge as it leads you to the bigger rewards waiting inside the locked doors.

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What Is Bank Cash Register Key In Tarkov?

The Bank Cash Register key is a special key that you must acquire to unlock two cash register booths in Tarkov.

In Tarkov, the cash register booths are locked rooms that have valuable loot locked inside of them.

Hence, the key plays an important role as it helps players open the lock of the cash booths and obtain the valuables.

Tarbank cash register key
A Tarbank cash register key is an item that lets you open the lock of the cash register booths.

Moreover, the key is like a special pass that lets you get into the locks and discover all the hidden treasures waiting inside.

You can find both of the locked cash register booths on the first floor of the Tarbank building in the streets of Tarkov.

Hence, make a use of map marker as it helps you to be on the correct path to the Tarbank building.

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Feature Of Bank Cash Register Key

The bank cash register key is also known as the Tarbank key which falls under the Key-Type13 category.

In addition, the Tarbank key is a small item that weighs only 0.01 kg and has a grid size of 1×1.

Hence, this key is very handy and it fits into various storage options in the game.

For instance, you can store this key in key tools, secure containers, document cases, and SICC organizational pouches.

However, you cannot store the Tarbank key in your wallet in Escape from Tarkov.

How To Find The Cash Bank Register Key?

Finding the bank cash register key is not an easy task which makes it a special item for players who discover it.

The location of the Tarbank key is not specific as it is available in different places in the game.

However, the most common places where you can obtain the key are near the scavenger characters scattered throughout the game.

Tarbank building
The cash booths are located on the first floor of the Tarbank building.

When you encounter the scavengers consider checking their jackets, pockets, and even their bags to find the key.

Search For The Key In The Drawers 

In Escape from Tarkov, a drawer is a loot container that players can search for valuable items and supplies.

Furthermore, the drawers have items like weapons, ammo, medical supplies, and other valuable loot.

You can find drawers inside the buildings, houses, or offices within the game.

Hence, there is a high chance that you stumble upon the bank cash register key in one of the drawers in the game.

Unlock The Cash Register Booths For Loot

Unlocking the doors to the Tarbank’s cash register booths brings wealth to those who seek it.

Furthermore, you can find a bank cash register and a bank safe on the first floor of the Tarbank building.

When you open the bank cash register with the key, you will get stacks of Roubles, which serve as the in-game currency.

unlock cash register booths
Use the Tarbank key to unlock the two cash register booths inside the Tarbank building.

You can collect these Roubles and use them to purchase items, gear, and other essentials for your characters in Tarkov.

Additionally, you can also find other valuables in the cash booths that help you to progress in the game.

Hence, using the Tarbank Key to uncover the hidden treasures of the game indeed enhances players’ gaming experience.

The Bottom Line

The journey to unlock the mysteries behind the Tarbank cash register booths allows the players to enhance their discovering skills.

Those who find the key can get their hands on a stack of Roubles inside the Tarbank cash register booths.

Hence, search the jackets, pockets, and bags of every scavenger while exploring the different areas of the game.

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