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Cartoon Network App Not Working: Causes And Fixes

The Cartoon Network app brings you all the episodes that run on air in a mobile application.

It makes it easy for viewers who are unable to watch the shows on their TVs and allows them to use their smartphones.

Recently, the Cartoon Network App is not working and is causing problems for the viewers.  The app won’t open after downloading and doesn’t load. You can fix this issue by restarting the app or using a stable internet connection.
This article will address all the issues related to the Cartoon Network app not working and how to fix this.

Issues With The Cartoon Network App

The Cartoon Network App allows users to tap the shows they like and get started watching the videos on phones.

Every time you open the app, you’ll get the latest episodes of your favorite shows.

However, the app has some issues and people are complaining about these on various platforms. 

Some major issues with the app are:

1. Blank Screen When Opening The App

While launching the app, you see a black screen for a few seconds, and the app crashes without an error message.

The black screen can be caused due to device incompatibility with the app.

Similarly, your phone’s internal memory may be less which may not support the app sometimes and cause this issue.

2. App Not Loading And Working Properly

Even when the app launches, it is not responsive. It just crashes without fail when you boot it up.

It buffers for ads, and then the app crashes again, setting you back to the beginning.

Further, it is difficult to navigate within the app, causing frustration among users.

3. Installation Issues

The App is only available in certain countries and regions. So many users cannot install the app on their phones.

Similarly, most of the content on the app is not free so you may need credit card details while installing.

It also doesn’t work on certain platforms such as Roku.

4. In-app Video Problem

The app has various problems related to video playing that is not user-friendly.

It auto-plays the first episode when you tap a show to find out what it is.

The cartoon network app not working when the video is not playing .
The App shows ‘What the Huh?’ when the video is not playing.

Furthermore, you have to scroll through every season to find the one you were initially trying to watch in the first place.

Also, the video controls don’t match the norms of other video apps. 

Cartoon Network App Not Working: Causes

There are various reasons that may have caused the app not to work properly.

Some of the causes are:

1. Early Release Of The App

The early release of the app before it was completely ready in the beta version may have caused this problem.

You should wait until the final version is released that runs smoothly.

Further, this version contains bugs that lead the app not to work.

2. Slow Internet Connection

It is one of the main causes as a decent internet connection is required to use the app.

The Cartoon Network App may not be working properly due to an unstable internet connection.

For this, you should check your Wi-Fi before starting the app.

3. Cartoon Network Server Down

Sometimes, there are certain problems such as Network outages, hardware failures or human error that causes the server to go down.

When the server is down, you’re unable to load the app, and it crashes for no reason.

However, the app will work fine after the server starts working again.

Cartoon Network App Not Working: Fixes

However, there are simple fixes to this problem that you can try. Some fixes are discussed below:

1. Restart/Reinstall The App

Most of the time restarting the app can work and resolve the problem. You just need to force-stop the app and restart it again.

If restarting doesn’t solve the problem you can completely uninstall the app.

And again, reinstall it from the Play Store or App Store.

2. Reboot Your Device

If the app doesn’t work, you can try rebooting your device.

For this you can press the Home button and then the power button to restart. 

When the phone starts, open the app, and it may work fine. 

3. Update The Cartoon Network App

If you’re using the older version of the app, then it may cause some issues.

For this, install the latest app with the latest features and bug fixes.

You can simply update the App from your App store. 

4. Check Your Internet Connection

The app requires a stable internet connection to run properly and load all the episodes.

Playing all the 

You should check if the internet is working or not to find a fix for this problem.

5. Clear App Cache

You can clear the app cache on your Android phone. Clearing the cache removes all the unwanted temporary files.

The steps to clear the cache on Android are as follows:

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Search For Apps.
  • Select the Cartoon Network App.
  • Click on Storage.
  • Then, clear the cache.

6. Disable The VPN

VPN can cause connection errors that may lead to Cartoon Network App not working.

Before starting the app, make sure to turn off all the VPNs installed on your phone.

7. Change Your Restrictions Settings

You can turn off the restrictions completely in the app. To remove it from the TV app follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Look for the Apps.
  • Then, go to the TV.
  • Turn off the Cartoon Network.

After turning it off, it may work again.

Additionally, you can try reporting your problem to the community forums where you may get the solution you need. 

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the Cartoon Network app may not be working due to a slow internet connection or the app server going down.

You can fix this problem by restarting the app, clearing the app cache, updating the app and disabling VPN on your devices.

Further, you can wait for Cartoon Network to come up with some bug fixes in the app for smooth performance.

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