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Catan Universe Your App Is Outdated: Possible Fixes

Many players are encountering Your app is outdated issue in Catan Universe.

Due to the error, players are unable to play the online game and are trying various meaures for the solution.

Your App is outdated is an ongoing issue where players cannot launch the game. The issue is possibly due to the game’s server and system error rather than the user’s fault. Nonetheless, players should try re-installing the game, clearing the cache, and having a solid connection.

Continue reading to learn about the Your app is outdated issue and its possible solution for the Catan Universe game.

Your App Is Outdated Issue In Catan Universe

The Catan Universe is a popular board game, a digital multiplatform version of CATAN.

Moreover, the game is all about settlements, facing players all around the globe, and includes seafarers and multiple cities.

Catan Universe is available on many digital platforms, including PC, Android and IOS.

catan universe your app is outdated
Playing Catan Universe in the PC.

Many players have tried switching the device and playing Catan Univers on PC but face the same situation.

Players are able to start the game but are facing mid-game crashes, and the same message is prompting often.

Your App Is Outdated: Possible Issue 

The following problems could be the reasons players are facing the un-updated app issue in the Catan Universe app, 

1. Server Issue And Maintainance

An ongoing server issue is the primary reason users get the Your App is outdated message.

As each platform’s players face the issue simultaneously, an issue could have occurred out of nowhere.

Also, maintenance could be possible as the game had few bugs and errors.

However, if this was the reason, the media platforms and apps often leave a prior notice, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

2. Using Previous Patch

One of the reasons players constantly get the outdated app message in the game is because they are using the previous patches.

Players should ensure to get the latest updates from the Play Store for Android, App Store for IOS and simply update from the app on PC.

For the best approach, enable the auto-update apps on your devices to avoid similar situations in the future.

3. Slow Internet Connection

The Fluctuation of the internet connection is another vital reason players are getting logged out of the game.

Ensure to check the internet speed using free websites using Fast or Speedtest by Ookla.

Players should try switching to the LAN connection or get Data packs if they have unstable Wi-Fi. 

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Your App Is Outdated In Catan Universe: Fixes

Players can follow the given solutions to solve the Your app is an outdated problem in the Catan universe game;

1. Re-install The App

In most cases, re-installing the app helps to resolve the issue.

Firstly, players should try logging in and entering with the credentials.

Then, players should first try getting the latest patch; if that does not work, ensure to uninstall and re-install the Catan Universe.

Also, players should keep track of their User ID and password before opting for installation.

2. System Compatibility

The latest generation mobile games like Catan Universe require a decent system to run the game.

Players could not have met the system requirements and be running out of space.

So, before playing the game, players should keep an eye on the requirements and, for best usage, get the latest IOS, Android or PC updates.

3. Clear Cache

If players are not fond of re-installing the app, try clearing the cache of Catan Universe.

When players invest a lot of time in the game, unnecessary data is often stored in the device, forcing errors.

Players can clear the cache in the app settings on the phone and remove temporary files on the settings while on the PC. 

catan universe your app is outdated
Clear cache in PC.

Then, players should restart the devices and run the game.

Restarting your mobile or PC is probably not a concrete solution, but it can sometimes help players facing issues with the app.

4. Contact Catan Support

If any of the above methods don’t work, contact the Catan Support.

Players can launch the Submit System Ticket and fill in all the requirements; they will probably get an email response asap.

The Bottom Line

Your app is outdated problem in mobile phones and PCs, probably due to a system error in Catan Universe.

The issue has been occurring for the past seven days for some users, but the app has yet to provide an official statement on that matter.

However, players should still try re-installing the game, switching for a good connection and clearing the cache.

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