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Survive The Jack In The Box Lethal Company

Jack in the Box is an entity that players must be wary of in Lethal Company.

The entity features multiple phases that players must keep in mind.

The Jack in the Box is an entity with three phases that players must consider. Furthermore, the last phase of the entity will take down the player, thus, players must make sure to survive by the time the entity reaches its second phase.
This article discusses the Jack In The Box entity in Lethal Company.

Who Is The Jack In The Box In Lethal Company?

Jack in The Box is an entity that players will come across when playing Lethal Company.

Furthermore, Jack in the Box features numerous unique mechanics like other entities or monsters in the game.

Moreover, as the name suggests, the monster is inside a box and will interact with the players uniquely.

The Jack in the Box also features three phases that players must remember when going up against the monster.

Additionally, if players find the name “Jester” on certain sites, it is a different name for “Jack In The Box.”

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How To Survive Jack In The Box In Lethal Company?

The Jack in the Box monster contains three different phases.

Furthermore, each phase has its own unique mechanic that players must keep track of.

Here is a list of all three phases of Jack in the Box and ways to survive the monster in Lethal Company:

Phase 1

Jack in the Box follows the players with its humanoid legs in the first phase.

Furthermore, it will stand upright and look at the players from afar.

Jack in the box first phase
Jack in the box follows the players in first phase.

During this phase, it will not pose any threat to the players, but make sure to keep an eye out for this entity.

Moreover, players should plan their escape once they see this entity nearby.

Phase 2

During the second phase, players will notice that Jack in the Box just sits in a single area.

While sitting in this area, the entity will wind up its box, and a piece of music will start playing.

As the entity winds up the box, the music will play faster.

Players have 30 seconds to run away from the entity while it winds up the music box.

Phase 3

In phase 3, the Jack in the Box will spawn a skull from the box itself.

At this point, players will more likely die rather than survive against the entity.

Jack in the box third phase
A skull pops from the box in third phase.

Furthermore, players must get out of the area in phase 2 itself.

This is mainly because the chances of surviving in phase 3 are nearly 0.

The Bottom Line

The entities in Lethal company are quite unique with their own abilities and mechanics.

Furthermore, most entities are typically bound to the area and cannot leave the vicinity. Thus, players can cheese them by leaving the area.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about the Jack in the Box entity in Lethal Company.

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