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Caught In The Coil Destiny 2: Mission Guide

Caught in the Coil is one of the missions in Destiny 2: Season of the Wish.

The mission unlocks after players complete the Wishing All the Best quest.

In the Caught In The Coil mission of Destiny 2, players must break the pot, collect the Dragon’s gift, Activate plates, and defeat the Plaguewielder.

Continue reading to explore Caught in the Coil and the procedure to complete the mission in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Caught In The Coil

Players must engage in two steps to complete the Caught in the Coil mission on the 23rd season.

In this mission, players must loot a lair chest and spend a Lair Key.

caught in the coil
Redeem the Coil by opening the chests.

Moreover, players can collect the lair keys by completing the activities and redeem them by opening the chest.

Players should also buy the Dragon’s Gift and collect the Wishing Glass Shield.

Further, this mission is cooperative and can be played by members of the three parties.

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How To Complete Caught In The Coil In Destiny 2?

Here is the best way to progress and complete Caught In The Coil in Season of the Wish;

1. Break Pot

Players must engage in the Sensorium in Riven’s Lair and start the Caught in the Coil mission.

While exploring the location, players must break the big pot near the entrance door.

rivens lair pot
Break the pot in Riven’s Lair.

2. Speak To Riven

After breaking the pot, players should approach Spirit of Riven and buy Tier 1 Dragon’s Gift.

spirit of riven destiny 2
Interact with Riven and buy a gift.

Moreover, players will only have under a minute to acquire the gift; hence, players must be quick.

Players can buy one item among three: Airborne Enhancement, Boss Protection, and Clear Ability Accelerant.

The Airborne increases by 25% damage in every weapon, and Boss Protection decreases incoming damage by 20%.

Meanwhile, the Clear Ability Enhancement recharges the abilities 300% faster.

3. Activate Plates

After players buy preferable weapons, they should search for the portal and reach the next pathway.

When players reach Splintered George, they should defeat enemies and activate three plates.

The coil destiny 2
Search and activate the plate.

Further, players should break the Riven jar if they come across the way and enter the next portal.

However, players must have a high score as a firearm by collecting the chests; otherwise, players cannot access the portal.

4. Defeat Mephitic Hosts

Players should defeat the Mephitic Hosts in the central platform just across the stairs to receive the Ephemeral Virus.

Later, players should use the virus and the abilities to destroy Plaguewielder’s shield.

Defeat the Plague wielder with heavy cover.

Additionally, players must have a minimum of 1800 power to progress through.

When players break the shield, it will regenerate in one and a half minutes; hence, they should kill the enemies faster.

Upon defeating the Lair’s trespassers, players should use the portal, destroy the pot, and claim the reward by opening the chest.

5. Complete The Second Chapter

Players should interact with Riven in Helm on the second step of Caught in the Coil.

caught in the coil
Launch step 2 of Caught in the Coil.

To do so, players should use the portal of the Vanguard Orbital Command and receive the Wish Engram.

The Bottom Line

The Caught in the Coil is one of the few missions with multiple steps in Season of the Wish.

Hence, players must use their abilities wisely, play passively, and extract the objectives accordingly.

Players can get Tier 1 and Tier 2 Dragon’s Items and the Gear during this mission.

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