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How To Complete Polysemy In Destiny 2?

Polysemy is one of the initial missions in Season of the Wish in Destiny 2.

Moreover, it is among the seasonal activities and the main part of the 23rd season questline.

To complete the Polysemy mission in Destiny 2, players must reach the Riven’s Lair, activate three plates, destroy nodes, activate three plates again, and finally retrieve the egg for Raven.

Continue reading to explore Polysemy and the process to complete the mission Season of the Wish.

Polysemy Mission In Destiny 2

Polysemy mission is found in the Wing of the Defiant in the War Table.

polysemy rivens lair destiny 2 season of the wish
Launch the Polysemy mission from the War Table.

In this event, players must progress through the Sentium Wing in the Riven’s Lair and obtain the clutch.

Moreover, players can also bring two other friends to complete the Cooperative mission.

Players should also focus on their attack mechanism as they will require at least 1600 power to complete the mission with ease.

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How To Complete Polysemy Mission In Destiny 2?

Here is the step-by-step process to complete the Polysemy Mission in Season of the Wish;

1. Launch The Mission

Players should start the Polysemy mission in Riven’s Lair and follow the two stairs.

polysemy rivens lair destiny 2 season of the wish
Follow the two stairs of the Riven’s Lair.

Further players should head to the open door and use the portal to traverse through the Lair.

A new pathway will unlock, hence players should use the diamond icon and reach the next portal.

2. Activate The Plates

After reaching the Fetid Conduct in the River’s Lair from the Portal, players should tackle Goblin and other enemies.

In the area, players should search and activate the plates by stepping over them.

queen mara estiny 2
Activate three plates in Fetid Conduct.

After completing the objective, players should escape through the portal and fight the enemies.

3. Destroy Nodes

In this part of the event, players should release the Orge from the Vex trap.

To do so, players must destroy four nodes caging the Orge and overcome the potent creatures.

release orge destiny 2
Destroy four nodes to release Orge.

Shooting the nodes will be tricky considering players have to aim at four nodes and fight enemies at the same time.

Hence, to progress, players should passively destroy one node, fight the enemies, and then fire the second node.

After releasing horseplayers should defeat it and its companions and take the next teleport.

4. Activate Portals 

Players should activate three plates again, which are located at the top, bottom, and middle platforms.

Further, players should follow the diamond icon and take the portal to reach The Pavillion.

the pavillion rivens lair
Use the portal and head to the Pavillion.

After entering the entrance door, players should overcome the Aspirational Construct by deploying the Super Charge.

5. Pick Up Egg

Succeeding the Fight and picking the Arc Cranium will unlock the next and final stage of the Polygemy mission.

In this stage, players must retrieve the egg from the backdoor of the Pavillion to complete the mission.

polysemy egg riven season of the wish
Transmat and Pick up the egg.

The Bottom Line

Polysemy Mission can be quite tricky as players must complete multiple stages of games and defeat potent enemies.

However, if players take their time, play passively, activate plates, and manage nodes, the mission will be comparatively easy.

Players will receive around 1200 XP and unlock the Wishing All The Best mission upon completing the Polysemy mission.

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