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Duolingo November Challenge: Boost Your Language Skills

Duolingo, one of the world-renowned language learning platforms has announced its new November challenge for users.

This platform is famous for its challenges to make learning more fun by engaging its users in various activities.

Users can now participate in the Duolingo November challenge, named “Duo’s Chess Match,” to experience fun and interactive activities while facilitating their language skills.

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 Duolingo November Challenge: An Overview

Like every month, Duolingo has announced its new challenge for November, where users must participate in Duo’s Chess Match.

Similarly, Duolingo is known for its challenges and has become a big part of an integral part of this application.

Users can enjoy and enhance their learning journey at the same time through participating in several challenges.

The November challenge, Duo’s Chess Match, offers users an exciting chess match where they can play and learn simultaneously.

Duolingo November Challenge
Players must complete the Duo’s Chess match as their November Challenge in Duolingo.

Moreover, users can earn up to  1000 XP in their language lessons and complete several language-related quests during this challenge.

Besides that, Duolingo has partnered with as Duolingo learners and’s community are dedicated and keen to learn.

Incorporating chess with Duolingo is a fascinating fusion of education and entertainment for the users.

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How To Access The Duolingo November Challenge?

Users can access the Duolingo November challenge easily as it can be accessed from their dashboard.

  1. Open your Duolingo App and head to the challenges section of your dashboard.
  2. Upon opening the challenges section, you can participate in this challenge by simply tapping on the trophy icon in your lesson tree.
  3. Finally, you can view the available game challenges and the latest November challenge; simply tap “View Challenge” to open it.
Player Dashboard in Duolingo
Player statistics are accessed from the Dashboard in Duolingo.

Next, you can find information about your progress, including your recommended average and the context of the challenges.

Moreover, the challenge offers users two ways to win; users can earn up to 1000xp or complete several quests before the end of the month.

The challenge has different goals, which are challenging and exciting for users with different objectives.

The Duolingo November Challenge Rewards

Users can participate in a unique November Challenge, Duo’s Chess Match Challenge, and earn exciting rewards.

Similarly, engaging in Duo’s Chess match challenges gives users a unique experience by combining language learning with strategic board games.

Users can add a fun and competitive element to their language-learning journey by successfully completing the challenge.

Moreover, by participating in the Duo’s Chess Match Challenge, users can win some exquisite rewards.

1. Free Diamond Membership On Chess.Com

Only if users successfully complete the mission of this challenge they are rewarded with a free one-month membership on

Similarly, after completing the challenge, users can get a diamond membership, which provides a lot of privileges.

Furthermore, Diamond members have access to a wide range of premium features exclusively provided to them.

Besides that, it also grants the user access to the exclusive resources on the platform, making it an excellent reward for chess lovers.

2. Exclusive Duo’s Chess Match Badge

In addition to the free diamond membership in, users can also earn the premier badge.

Only users who successfully complete the challenge can acquire this exclusive Duo’s Chess Match badge.

Similarly, acquiring this badge acts as a symbol of accomplishment for the users, motivating them to partake in other challenges.

Moreover, this badge serves as a testament to the dedication and achievement of the users in this language-learning journey.

The Bottom Line

The Duolingo November challenge is a prolific example of how language learning can be more fun and interactive.

The application has blended language learning with Chess to invite users to embark on a unique journey.

Whether you are a language enthusiast or a chess lover, the Duo’s Chess Match challenge is an exciting opportunity you don’t want to miss.

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