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Why Is Character AI Slow? 7 Quick Fixes

With the help of OpenAI’s GPT model and Artificial Intelligence, Character AI can develop custom AI Characters.

Recently, some users have been experiencing slow responses, not working issues and server issues while using the Character AI.

Character AI can sometimes respond slowly due to factors like corrupt browser caches, increased traffic, poor internet, technical issues in the system, and maintenance on the server.

Continue reading to learn why Character AI responds slowly and ways to fix the issue.

What Is Character AI?

The former developers of Google’s LaMDA, Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas, have returned with Character AI.

Character AI is a full-stack AGI (Artificial General Intelligence ) Company that allows us to create, train and deploy AI Characters.

Introduction to Character AI
Character AI uses the neural model to develop AI Characters.

Furthermore, it uses the neural language model and the GPT model by OpenAI to chat with the users conversationally.

Read on to learn more about how the OpenAI ChatGPT model works.

Why Is Character AI Slow?

Sometimes, you may experience a slow response time while using Character AI.

The worst-case scenario is that the Character AI won’t load or work.

Moreover, some factors that can cause the slowdown of Character AI are mentioned below.

1. Corrupt Browser Caches

Browser caches help you access and load the files of the websites faster.

With time, those caches get congested with other files and data, which can cause malfunctions in the website.

Furthermore, it can also cause a slowing down of websites and their performance.

2. Increase In Traffic

As the Character AI is getting popular, the number of users is increasing daily.

The increasing number of users trying to access Character AI can cause slow responses as the system tries to handle all user requests.

3. Technical Issues

Like every website and software, Character AI is not error-free and sometimes leads to technical issues.

Furthermore, issues like hardware failures and software bugs or errors can cause the system to slow down.

4. System Maintenance

During the maintenance of the system, Character AI will slow down or not load on your devices.

Therefore, it is better not to access Character AI while on maintenance.

5. Poor Network Conditions

Sometimes your network condition can be the reason for slow responses in Character AI.

You should check your internet stability before accessing; if you have a slow internet speed, it may cause slow responses.

Furthermore, you can check your internet speed on and

How To Fix If Character AI Is Slow?

You can experience issues such as slow typing, a server error, not loading and sometimes Character AI’s server will go down.

If you are encountering such errors, there are a few ways to fix those issues.

1. Restart Your PC

Whenever you have any issues with your PC, you first do a quick restart.

Restarting the PC can fix the Character AI slowdown issue in this scenario because it will end all your applications running in the background.

Furthermore, restarting your PC can also fix the issue if Character AI is not loading correctly.

You can restart your computer using the shortcut keys Alt + F4 and selecting the restart option.

2. Check The Server Status

You should check the server status of every website before accessing it.

When you check the status beforehand, you will know there are issues in the server and won’t have to try alternate ways of fixing them.

Character AI is slow
The image shows the server status of Character AI.

Furthermore, try accessing the Character AI when the server status, server code and response time are better.

3. Clear Cache And Cookies

Clearing cache and cookies can help you remove old files and data. Sometimes cache and cookies may cause Character AI to slow down.

You can clear cache and cookies by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Chrome and Open Settings.
  2. Open Privacy and Security and select Clear browsing data.
Clearing browser and cookies in browser
Clearing browser and cookies can fix slowdown issues in Character AI.
  1. Select Cookies & Caches and click Clear Data.
Clearing cache and cookies in browser
Clear cache and cookies can make the website respond faster.

Furthermore, clearing cache and cookies won’t sign you out from your Google account but will remove your files and data.

4. Try Using A Different Browser

While Character AI has no issues on specific browsers, using a different browser can sometimes fix the slowdown issue.

If you are using Chrome, some of the best alternatives are Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Chromium.

Furthermore, you can try the following fixes if using a different browser does not fix the issue.

5. Disable Extensions

Disabling extensions will remove any interference with the websites. It can also help if Character AI is responding slowly.

You can disable extensions by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings and select Extensions.
Disabling extensions
Removing extensions may fix the website slowing down issue.
  1. Now remove all the extensions that are enabled.
Removing Extensions in Chrome
Remove all the extensions that are enabled.

Furthermore, removing extensions will also remove the features and additional functionality that extensions provide.

6. Try A Different Device

Using a different device will help you determine whether the problem is within your device or with the Character AI.

Sometimes, there can be issues with your device, like low memory space, network issues, and high use of RAM (Random Access Memory).

Hence, these issues can create slow responses and not loading problems on your websites.

7. Contact Character AI Support

If none of the fixes solve the issues, you can contact the Character AI support team and report the issues.

You can report any issues to the team by following the steps below.

  1. Search and go to Report a Problem.
Support team of Character AI
Go to Character.AI and report a problem.
  1. Now, click Create Post and report issues or upload an image of the issue.
Creating posts to report any issues to the support team.
Create posts to contact the support team of Character AI.

Furthermore, if you post similar content regarding the issues, it will be discarded as it is already in the Announcements or FAQ section.

Continue reading to discover if you can bypass the Character AI filter and why users are signing petitions to toggle the NSFW filter in the app.

The Bottom Line

Character AI is an excellent web application for developing AI Characters.

With the increasing popularity and the number of users, some users are experiencing issues like slow responses and server errors.

However, we can quickly fix those issues by clearing browsing caches and cookies and disabling extensions.

Hopefully, this article will help you fix the issue with your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Character AI Truly AI?

Yes, all the responses of the Character AI models are entirely AI-based.

And no, if you think there are actual people behind those AI models of the Characters.

Does Character AI Have An App?

Character AI does not have an application for mobile devices till now.

However, it constantly upgrades its features and functionalities, so we hope to get an app soon.

How Does Character AI Make Money?

Character AI generates revenue by creating custom Characters for businesses or individuals.

And for those custom Characters, individuals or businesses provides subscription fees.

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