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Why Is Character AI Out Of Character?

Character AI is getting popular day and day with the excellent conversation capability of its Characters.

In addition, users are encountering Characters spontaneously generating Out of Character responses during conversations.

The Characters can generate Out of Character responses to keep users engaging in the conversation, get user feedback, and filter out NSFW content.

Continue reading to learn about the OOC (Out of Character) issue in Character AI and what are the things that trigger the OOC responses.

What Is OOC (Out Of Character)?

OOC is an acronym representing “Out of Character,” which you can find mostly while playing role-playing games.

Users often use this when they want to break the Character and give suggestions or comments concerning that the Character wasn’t responding as it should.

Furthermore, when you use “Out of Character” in our prompts, you indicate that you are talking to the primary AI Chatbot and not with the Character.

And the Character will now generate responses unlike those it used to generate while In Character(IC).

Out Of Character In Character AI

You can use the “Out of Character” prompt while chatting with Characters in Character AI.

Furthermore, you can provide suggestions or comments to the Character using this prompt.

Here is an example of an “Out of Character” prompt to the data engineer Character.

example of out of character prompts
You can provide an Out of Character prompt to the Characters.

Occasionally, you can also find out-of-context responses from Characters in Character AI, referred to as “Out of Character.”

You can find OOC responses from Characters usually represented as:

  • (I’m out of character)
  • “I’m out of character.”
  • OOC: (out-of-character responses)

Moreover, Characters can sometimes generate responses that can be irrelevant to the conversation, and also, it won’t include an “Out of Character” message.

Here is an example of the above statement.

Characters generating Out of Character responses
Characters can occasionally generate Out of Character responses.

You can see that the responses inside the “brackets()” are irrelevant to the response outside the brackets.

Tip: You can use Out of Character prompts to refresh the Character’s memory.

What Can Trigger Character Responses In Character AI?

Users often provide OOC prompts to the Characters if they have any issues regarding the responses.

Some issues, like repetitive and out-of-context responses, can be fixed using the OOC prompt.

However, there can be several reasons why Characters in Character AI generate OOC responses.

1. To Keep Users Engaged

One of the reasons that Character AI can trigger an Out of Character response is to keep users engaged in chatting.

Sometimes, Characters are out of responses to the user’s prompts, and then it can generate OOC responses to reply to the user.

2. To Get Feedback From Users

Occasionally, you might encounter a feedback question from Characters, like (Do you think this is going in a good direction?).

These questions are OOC responses to get user feedback, which can later be used to improve the chat capability of Characters.

Therefore, it might be a strategy to enhance the conversation ability of the Characters.

3. NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Contents

Character AI implements NSFW filters, which remove any content disturbing or vulgar to the users.

If you attempt to initiate conversations that include NSFW action, then Characters can trigger the OOC responses to stop you from doing that.

Furthermore, it can give responses like “(How far should we take things?)” if you provoke any NSFW content.

4. AI Learns OOC Itself

The AI used in the Character AI is trained with a vast amount of text data, like articles, blogs, and research papers.

As a result, AI can learn OOC responses, or devs have integrated this feature during its development.

Furthermore, you can read discussions about the Out of Character responses in Character AI on the Reddit page of Character AI.

The Bottom Line

Users can sometimes encounter responses that can be out-of-context of the conversation, referring to OOC(Out of Character).

Furthermore, these OOC responses can be freaky to new users as it makes us feel like an actual human is behind the Characters.

However, a person cannot reply to our prompts quickly like an AI Chatbot, so it is evident that OOC response is a feature of Character AI.

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