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Is CurseForge Safe Again? Legal Considerations

CurseForge is constantly enhancing and adding new games and mods to its database where users can always find something new and exciting to try.

Having served communities such as Minecraft, World of Warcraft and numerous others, CurseForge is one of the largest mod repositories in the world.

CurseForge features an extensive database and a community of modders and gamers with a reward system. However, if you find any unknown projects on your device, delete them with the help of detection tools.

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What Are The Features Of The CurseForge?

CureseForge is a site for modding and gaming. It not only features modding games but also provides many other features, listed below:

1. An Extensive Database

CurseForge provides an extensive database of mods and resources for various games, including Minecraft, The Sims and many more.

Additionally, there’s a provision for browsing, downloading and installing mods efficiently with its app or website.

2. A Community Of Modders And Gamers

It provides a community of modders and gamers where they share their creations, feedback and support.

Moreover, one can join and interact within the community, leaving comments, following their favorite authors, rating and reviewing the mods.

3. A Reward System 

For mod authors who earn points for their work, a reward system can be in place that allows them to exchange those points for real money or gift cards.

Users can also subscribe and donate to their favorite authors who support them.

4. A Mod Development Toolkit

Users can create, test, and publish their own mods using this mod development toolkit.

In addition to CurseForge APIs, SDKs, and documentation, you can also access the CurseForge features and services

5. A Mod Management Tool

Mod management tool keeps your mods organized and updated.

With the CurseForge implementation, users can quickly update, enable, disable, and uninstall mods.

Aside from modpacks, profiles, and backups, users can also create and manage them.

Is CurseForge Safe Again?

In June 2023, CurseForge went through some unrelated incidents. The malicious user introduced malware projects to its platform.

Therefore, CurseForge collaborated with the Author team and initiated an investigation to identify the issue promptly.

Hence, the team provided swift resolution and preventive measures to prevent future malicious acts. Also, banned every malicious account from the site.

The team suggested users upgrade the mod to the most recent version and eliminate it if they were completely removed.

Moreover, they have discarded every infected file on the website. In order to prevent similar data breaches in the future, they sealed security breaches.

They even introduced two tools that would aid users in identifying and deleting any infected files on their computers.

Therefore, CurseForge is believed to be safe now, as long as the user obeys the guidance and scan files.

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How To Make CurseForge Safe?

Users using the operating system as Windows and Linux are highly prone to malware attack.

Also, CurseForge is unsafe if there are any unknown projects on your device that you didn’t download.

However, follow the steps below to make your CurseForge safe.

Step 1: Check if the virus has already infected

  1. Download and run the virus detection tool on your device.
  2. Detection tool checks if you are infected. However, if you are infected, display all the hidden files.
  3. Click File Explorer > View > Hidden Items to display the hidden files.
Remove tick from hidden files
You should remove the tick from hidden files to display all the hidden files.
  1. If this didn’t help you, click View > Options.
  2. Then, unselect the Hide protected operating system files.
View options
Unmark the Hide protected operating files to view all the hidden files.
  1. After that, on the warning, click Yes.
  2. Go through every file and delete them.
The Normal Edge folder doesn’t contain space in the name. If you see a Microsoft Edge folder containing the space, delete them as malware distinctly creates a folder with the space.

Step 2: Ensure No Dormant/Other Infected Mods Or Jar Files Are Present

  1. You must run the Jar Malware Scanning tool to check if other infected mods.
  2. Scan all the folders containing Minecraft mod Jars.
  3. Click Browse, select a folder containing jar files and scan.
  4. If it detects the infected file, delete them.
Jar Malware Scanner
Run the Jar Malware Scanning tool and check if other infected mods. Source: CurseForge
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The Bottom Line

Windows and Linux systems were infected by the malware, Fracturiser that affected popular plugins and modpacks, including Better Minecraft, Dungeons Arise, and more.

However, it is believed that CurseForge is safe again after the users obey the instructions provided by them.

Hopefully, this article helps you know the suggestions for making your CurseForge safe.

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