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Character AI Persona: Explore Its Features

Character AI Persona is a new feature coming to Character AI.

The feature is still in its Beta phase but is getting a lot of praise from the users.

The Character AI Persona is a new feature that allows users to provide certain information that will make the chatbots remember them. The feature is currently in the Beta phase. Thus, not every user can use this feature.

This article discusses the Character AI Persona features and how to use it.

What Is Character AI Persona?

Character AI Persona is a new feature coming to Character AI soon.

Moreover, there are some users already seeing the feature in their profiles.

Thus, a select few users are getting the chance to use the feature and test it out.

However, the feature is still in its Beta phase; thus, users say there aren’t many features to the Persona option.

But after a certain period, there will be more features with the Persona option that users can explore and use to the fullest.

Features Of Character AI Persona

Since the Persona feature is still in its Beta phase, there is only one feature that users can explore.

Thus, we will examine the single feature within the Character’s AI Persona.

Here is a brief explanation of the features of the AI Persona:

User Recognition

The chatbot currently does not recognize the users of the Character AI.

The new Persona feature allows the chatbots to recognize the users with a set of various questions that the users must fill out.

After they provide all the information in the Persona dialogue box, the chatbot will remember the likes and dislikes.

The way the users like their answers, users can add the answers for the chatbot to remember.

Furthermore, the chatbot will use proper pronouns for the users during their conversation.

character ai
Character AI landing page for its website.

Thus, this feature is quite extensive and checks a lot of parameters for the users.

However, the Character AI Persona feature is still in the Beta phase; users will encounter specific issues.

Additionally, users can expect a better and fleshed-out version of this feature as time passes.

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How To Use Character AI Persona?

To access the Persona feature, users can easily navigate a few options to activate it.

Here is a step-by-step guide to using the Character AI Persona:

  1. First, head to your profile from the top right corner.
interact with profile icon character ai
Interact with the profile icon to access a new dialogue box.
  1. Then, click on the pencil icon in the top right corner to edit your profile.
  2. Then, you will see the Persona option right below the save name option.
 persona character ai
Turn the Persona option on to access a new dialogue box.
  1. You must turn on the Persona option before accessing its other functions.
  2. Then, you will enter another page with questions the Character AI will ask you.
Answer a few questions for the Persona and save changes to have it in your chatbot.
  1. Answer all the questions, and you will have created your Persona.

A gentle reminder: the Persona feature is still unavailable to every user of Character AI.

Furthermore, most users accessing this feature are from the mobile app.

Thus, most users of the web browser version of the AI do not have access to the persona feature.

The Bottom Line

The Persona feature is a great way to allow users to live their fantasy world and even have a specific character of their own with the chatbots.

This allows the users to experience the chatbots uniquely and even feel welcomed by the AI.

Furthermore, this feature also makes it so that the users are not some random people for the chatbots.

Hopefully, this article can give you information about Character AI Persona.

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