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Chat GPT Reverse Proxy: Free OpenAI API Access

OpenAI API is a powerful service that allows you to access AI models; however, it is not free.

That’s where Chat GPT reverse proxy comes in, which allows you to access OpenAI API for free.

Chat GPT reverse proxy is a project allowing users to access OpenAI API for free using a proxy server. Users can either self-host their proxy server or use the hosted one provided by the project.

This article will show you how to use Chat GPT reverse proxy to access OpenAI API without paying any fees or facing any restrictions.

Additionally, we will explain its benefits and how it can improve your performance, scalability, etc.

What Is Chat GPT Reverse Proxy?

A reverse proxy is an intermediate between the client and the original server.

It can modify or filter the requests and responses.

Chat GPT reverse proxy is a term that refers to a way of accessing the OpenAI API for free or with different features.

It is a reverse-engineered ChatGPT API that sends your requests to the official OpenAI API.

 Moreover, it uses one of the multiple OpenAI keys that the proxy randomly chooses.

You can check several repositories on GitHub that provide reverse-engineered Chat GPT APIs, such as acheong08/ChatGPT and rpdg/py-proxy-ChatGPT.

Benefits Of Using Reverse Proxy In Chat GPT

You can find some benefits of using it in Chat GPT below.

  • Bypassing Restrictions: You can use it to access OpenAI API from regions or networks that are blocked or restricted by OpenAI.
  • Cost Saving: You can use it to access OpenAI API for free to save money on the subscription fees or usages= charges of OpenAI.
  • Load Balancing: You can use it to distribute the load among multiple OpenAI keys to avoid hitting a single key’s rate limits or quota limits.
  • Performance Improvement: A reverse proxy can cache, compress or optimize the requests and responses. You can use it to improve the performance of your applications or services that use OpenAI API. 
  • Security: You can use it to hide your OpenAI keys from the public to prevent unauthorized access or misuse of your keys.
  • Customization: You can use it to customize the behavior of the API, such as adding filters, transformations, validations or logging to the requests and responses.
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How To Set Chat GPT Reverse Proxy?

Whether you want to self-host your API or use hosted API provided by the project, there are different ways to set it up.

1. Self-Host Your API

Follow the steps below to self-host your API.

  1. First, create an OpenAI Open Key.
create secret API key to set Chat GPT reverse proxy
You can create a new OpenAI API key.
  1. Now, clone the Chat GPT repository and install the dependencies.
git clone
cd ChatGPT
npm install
  1. Then,  you must set your OpenAI key and other configurations in the config.js file.
  2. Start the server:
    npm start
  3. Finally, use the API by sending an HTTP request to the API endpoints.



2. Use Hosted API Reverse Proxy

You can follow the steps to use hosted Chat GPT API provided by the project.

  1. Join the Discord server.
  2. Then, you can get your API key from the #Bot channel by sending /key command.
  3. Now, use the API key in your requests to the following endpoints.

Some websites offer a free reverse proxy service for Chat GPT, an OpenAI API alternative that allows users to access it for free.

However, such a website has a disclaimer that it is not responsible for any misuse or abuse of the service.

Additionally, they may terminate the service at any time without notice.

Disclaimer: Setting a reverse proxy for ChatGPT may violate the OpenAI terms of service. Therefore, always be careful of the possible risks and consequences of doing so.

Risks Of Using Reverse Proxy In Chat GPT

A reverse proxy can provide load balancing, caching, security, and other benefits.

However, it can also introduce some risks when used in conjunction with Chat GPT.

Some of the possible risks of using it in Chat GPT are:

  • Impersonation and manipulation: A malicious/hacker could use the chatbot to create fake identities and content and use a reverse proxy to hide their true location and identity.
  • Data Disclosure: Chat GPT uses much data, including sensitive and confidential information. However, this data could be exposed or leaked through a reverse proxy.
  • Accountability and legal repercussions: It could cover the source and validity of the information provided by Chat GPT, making it difficult to trace or verify.

Therefore, it is advisable to use caution and discretion when using it.

The Bottom Line

You can create amazing applications and services using OpenAI API to generate text, images, code, and more.

By using Chat GPT reverse proxy, you can enjoy immense benefits such as improved performance, scalability, security, and flexibility.

It is a powerful tool for OpenAI API development that you should definitely try out.

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