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How To Use Character AI Text Formatting?

Character AI allows users to insert various text formats to make their experience with the chatbots unique.

However, they need to insert specific syntaxes to generate specific text formatting in Character AI.

Character AI Text Formatting uses markers in plain text to indicate special formatting, such as bold, italics, highlight, strikethrough, etc. You can use these techniques in both user and character messages, as well as in character definitions.

Continue reading to learn text formatting and how to use it in Character AI.

What Is Character AI? 

Character AI is a site with various chatbots that will roleplay as characters of your choosing.

The AI uses a neural language model to process the texts and provide a proper reply. 

Furthermore, users can create their own characters to chat with in Character. AI.

The website also provides a premium service under the name

Premium access allows the users to access new features faster, get priority queues and have a faster response time from characters. 

However, Character AI is free for all users and available on iOS and Android

What Is Character AI Text Formatting? 

Text formatting simply means using various forms of the same text. For example, making a text “Bold” or “Italic.” 

In Character AI, users can change the text format for their messages and the greeting portion of the chatbot. 

However, users need to create their own AI to change the text formatting for the AI.

In addition, certain formatting syntaxes the users do not work when they use it to communicate with the AI.

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How To Use Character AI Text Formatting?

This step guide will first examine how to format text for the AI.

Then, we will look into how to format text for the users. 

1. Create Your Own Chatbot

You can follow these steps to create your own chatbot.

  1. First of all, you will need to sign up or log in to the website.
  2. After you log in, you will see an option Create a Character under Create on the left-hand side of the website.
Create a character in Character AI
You can create a character option in Character AI.
  1. Then, you will enter a settings menu where you can write your chatbot’s name and the greeting you want the chatbot to give you when you talk to it. 
Formatting syntaxes for texts in CharacterAI
Setting up chatbot with formatting syntaxes for texts in Character AI.

2. Insert Formatting In The Greeting Section

After you get to the “Create a Character” portion of the chatbot.

You need to insert a greeting for the chatbot. Moreover, you will need to use the formatting. 

You can find the formatting that you can use in it below.

  • **Text**: Bold Text
  • *Text*: Italics Text
  • `Text`: Highlight Text
  • ~Text~: Strike Through Text
  • #Text, #####Text: Lowest number of # brings the largest text, while the highest number of # brings the smallest text

These syntaxes will allow you to change the greetings of your chatbot. 

Using formatting syntaxes in CharacterAI
Generating Chatbot greetings using all formatting syntaxes in Character AI.

However, in the case of users, certain syntaxes do not work.

While the user talks with the chatbot, the strike-through syntax does not work for some reason. 

Use of formatting syntaxes in CharacterAI
Using various formatting syntaxes with the chatbot in Character AI.

Furthermore, it can be a bug, and the developers may be looking into fixing the issue.

Thus, when a solution to the issue comes, this article will update to provide information on the issue. 

The Bottom Line

Formatting text in the Chatbot allows users to make the chat unique to them.

Additionally, the text formatting allows the users to mark certain text messages for them to remember. 

Hopefully, this article can help you enhance your experience in Character AI with the use of formatting. 

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