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How To Check Completed Shrines In TotK?

Tears of the Kingdom is an exciting game filled with numerous Shrines to explore and conquer.

Completing these Shrines in TotK also provides rewards and contributes to overall game progress.

Shrines in Tears of the Kingdom are valuable for upgrading health and stamina. To check the number of Shrines completed in TotK, you can check the adventure log, Shrine sensor or use external resources.

This article explains how to check the number of Shrines you’ve completed in Tears of the Kingdom.

Shrine Count And Completion Rewards

There are a total of 152 Shrines scattered across the vast map of Tears of the Kingdom.

Among these, there are 120 Shrines located on the surface of Hyrule and an additional 32 Shrines found in the sky land above Hyrule.

Completing all 152 Shrines will unlock “The Shrine Explorer” side quest and reward you with a new Armor for Link.

In addition, Shrines can help increase your stamina and heart by giving you Light Blessings.

Those Light Blessings can be exchanged with Angel Statues for heart or stamina upgrades.

Continue reading to learn more about stamina upgrades in Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Check Completed Shrines In TotK?

Tears of the Kingdom provides various ways to track your Shrine completion progress within the game.

1. Check The Adventure Log

One method is the Adventure Log, which allows you to monitor your main quests, side quests, and Shrine discoveries.

To access the Adventure Log, go to the game menu or pause screen, which will provide information on the number of Shrines.

totk adventure log
The adventure log shows the completed Shrines in TotK.

2. Use External Resources

You can use external resources if you prefer a more detailed breakdown of your Shrines.

Websites like IGN and Polygon offer comprehensive guides and maps that mark the locations of all 152 Shrines.

Hence, these resources can help you keep track of the Shrines you have found and determine the ones you are yet to discover.

3. Shrine Sensor

Within the game, you can also make use of the Shrine Sensor. Moreover, it allows you to activate a sensor that detects a nearby Shrine.

By enabling the Shrine Sensor in your Sheikah Slate’s settings, you will receive a signal when you are in the area of an undiscovered Shrine.

totk shrine sensor
The Shrine sensor can be used to detect Shrines nearby

Furthermore, it can be a useful tool to help you locate and complete any remaining Shrines in Tears of the Kingdom.

4. Seeking Assistance

Throughout your journey in Tears of the Kingdom, you will encounter various non-playable characters(NPCs).

The non-playable characters can provide valuable information and guidance.

totk talk to NPC
Talking to the non-playable characters for guidance

Some NPCs may offer hints about nearby Shrines or even trigger Shrine quests that lead to hidden Shrines.

Additionally, interacting with NPCs and thoroughly exploring the game’s world can lead you to additional Shrines you may have missed.

The Bottom Line

Checking the number of Shrines completed in TotK is essential to tracking your progress and achieving 100% completion. 

Therefore, you can stay informed about your Shrine status by utilizing in-game resources like the Adventure Log and Shrine Sensor, along with external guides and maps. 

Additionally, engaging with NPCs and undertaking Shrine quests can unveil hidden Shrines waiting to be discovered. 

With these methods, you will be well-equipped to embark on your journey to conquer all 152 Shrines in Tears of the Kingdom.

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