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How Many Stamina Upgrades In TotK?

The Tears of The Kingdom(TotK) offers a captivating adventure in which Stamina plays a vital role.

Stamina is an important entity in TotK that helps to increase the character’s endurance. Players must complete Shrines, collect Light Blessings, and change them for Stamina Vessels at Angel Statues to upgrade Stamina.

Whether you are traveling, engaging in intense combat or undertaking challenging puzzles, having ample Stamina is crucial.

Here we will dive deeper into upgrading Stamina in Tears of the Kingdom.

Importance Of Stamina In TotK

Stamina is the key attribute determining Link’s physical capabilities in Tears of The Kingdom.

A higher Stamina level allows extended running, climbing, swimming, and gliding.

Additionally, it enables Link to engage in battles for longer durations, providing a strategic advantage against formidable enemies.

Furthermore, upgraded Stamina facilities for exploring and discovering hidden areas in the widespread world of TotK.

Therefore, players can enhance their gameplay experience and overcome challenges by focusing on upgrading their Stamina.

However, it is also important to understand the importance of the balance between upgrading health and Stamina.

How To Upgrade Stamina In TotK?

In Tears of the Kingdom, obtaining Stamina Vessels is the primary method to increase Stamina. 

These items increase the size of Link’s Stamina wheel, providing you with more Stamina to perform actions.

To obtain the Stamina Vessels, you can follow the steps:

1. Complete Shrines

Shrines are scattered throughout the vast fields of Hyrule and the skies above.

There are 152 Shrines in TotK, meaning there are 152 Blessings of Light to offer at Goddess Statues around Hyrule.

If you complete 4 Shrines, it means there are 38 upgrades to either Stamina or Health.

By completing Shrines, you can earn Light blessings, which are crucial for upgrading your health and Stamina.

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2. Obtain Blessings

Each shrine rewards you with one Light Blessing. These blessings serve as a currency for upgrading your health or Stamina.

There are 116 Light Blessings, and you can gain 4 Light Blessings.

totk light blessing
Light blessings can be exchanged for Stamina vessels.

You can trade 4 Light Blessings for 1 Stamina upgrade each time.

3. Visit Angel Statues

After getting 4 Light Blessings, visit any Angel Statue.

Angles Statues are located in various settlements and provide the option to exchange your Lights of Blessing for upgrades.

Pray at Angel Statue, and you can either wish for Health or Stamina upgrade.

You can repeat this process by completing more Shrines and visiting Angel Statue to upgrade your Stamina in TotK.

4. Choose Stamina Upgrades

After acquiring four or more Light Blessings, approach an Angel Statue and choose the Stamina upgrade option.

totk stamina vessel
Stamina vessels can be obtained from angel statues

Theoretically, you can max out three full wheels of Stamina from all the Shrines and Light Blessings.

Balance Between Health And Stamina

While upgrading Stamina is important, players must also consider the balance between health and Stamina upgrades.

Furthermore, players can choose between upgrading their health or Stamina using the Light Blessings obtained from Shrines.

Upgrading health provides additional heart containers, allowing Link to withstand more damage and survive longer battles.

On the other hand, upgrading Stamina through Stamina Vessel enhances Link’s physical capabilities.

The Stamina upgrade enables him to engage in more actions without becoming exhausted.

Hence, finding the right balance between health and Stamina upgrades depends on an individual’s playstyle and preferences.

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The Bottom Line

Upgrading Stamina is essential for unlocking Link’s full potential and navigating the challenges ahead.

Players must complete Shrines, collect Light Blessings, and exchange them for Stamina Vessels at Angel Statues to upgrade Stamina.

By upgrading the Stamina wheel, players can undertake exciting adventures, conquer quests and explore the vast world of TotK.

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