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All Talent Books And Their Domains In Genshin Impact

Talent books are the cornerstone of character enhancement in Genshin Impact which helps players unlock their character’s full potential.

You can get these books from different domains and elevate your characters’ special abilities for fighting and exploring.

However, you must understand the domain rotation schedule in the game and plan the idea of obtaining Talent books accordingly.

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Character Talent Materials In Genshin Impact: Talent Books

Genshin Impact is an expansive open-world game filled with numerous characters where each character has their unique abilities and talents.

In Genshin Impact, players need Character Talent Materials to level up a character’s talent in the game.

There are talent materials like weapon enhancement materials, character level-up materials etc to boost a character’s talent.

Resistance Talent Book in Genshi Impact
Players can obtain the Resistance Talent book from the Forsaken Rift domain in Monsdtadt.

Talent Books is one of the Character Talent Materials in Genshin Impact that players must acquire to boost their character’s strength.

In addition, players can enhance the abilities and talents of these characters even more through talent upgrades in Genshin Impact.

Players need a specific material called the talent books to do the talent upgrades for the characters in the game.

What Are Talent Books In Genshin Impact?

Talent books are essential items used to improve the abilities of characters in Genshin Impact.

Each character in Genshin Impact has various talents such as their normal attack, elemental skill and elemental burst.

So, by levelling up these talents, players can enhance their characters’ effectiveness in both combat and exploration.

Some talent books for your characters in the game are Prosperity, Admonition, Equity, Praxis, Justice etc.

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How To Obtain The Talent Books In Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, Talent Books are located in special domains that are scattered throughout the game world.

The domains are the specialized areas within the game where players can challenge enemies and complete challenges to earn rewards.

Each of these domains contains a specific talent book type in Genshin Impact.

Talent books and domains in Genshin Imapct
To obtain talent books from the Monsdstadt domain, players must complete Forsaken Rift in Monsdtadt.

For example, one domain can have a freedom talent book type and the other one contains a resistance talent book type.

Similarly, each domain contains other talent books like Ballad, prosperity, diligence, elegance and more.

1. Get Talent Books From Domains In Genshin Impact

Players can get the Freedom series, Resistance series, and Ballad series talent books from the Forsaken Rift domain in Mondstadt.

Players can get the Prosperity series, Diligence series, and Gold series talent books from the Taishan Mansion domain in Liyue.

Similarly, players can get the Transience series, Elegance series and light series talent books from the Violet Court domain in Inazuma.

Admonition Series, Ingenuity series, and Praxis series talent books can be obtained from the Steeple of Ignorance domain in Sumeru.

Likewise, players can get the Equity series, Justice series and Order series talent books from the Pale Forgotten Glory domain in Fontaine.

2. Domain Rotation Schedule

In Genshin Impact, domains are like special places where you can go to get talent books.

But these domains don’t give out the same books every day instead they switch things up based on the day of the week.

So, one day you might find books about freedom, and on another day, you could find books about prosperity.

Obtain Talent books in Genshin Impact
Players must complete the Taishan Mansion to obtain talent books from the Liyue domain.

Hence, Domains in Genshin Impact has a rotational schedule where players can find different talent books on specific days of the week.

It’s like a schedule where each domain has its turn to offer different types of talent books on certain days.

  1. Monday/Thursday Materials: Freedom (Mondstadt), Prosperity(Liyue), Transience(Inazuma), Admonition(Sumeru), Equity(Fontaine).
  2. Tuesday/Friday Materials: Resistance(Mondstadt), Dilligence(Liyue), Elegance(Inazuma), Ingenuity(Sumeru), Justice(Fontaine).
  3. Wednesday/Satuday Materials: Ballad(Mondstadt), Gold(Liyue),Light(Inazuma), Praxis(Sumeru), Order(Fontaine).

Players can obtain all talent books as their Character Talent materials on Sundays in Genshin Impact.

Thus, this rotation helps players plan when to visit each domain to get the books they need for their characters.

3. Use Resin For Each Run Of A Domain

To get into domains and participate in domain challenges, players need to expend a resource known as Resin.

Furthermore, every time you do a challenge in a domain, it uses up some Resin.

Players must spend generally 20 resin per attempt for each run of a domain in Genshin Impact.

So, if you want to get lots of rewards, you need to manage your Resin effectively and use it wisely.

Additionally, make sure to focus on getting the talent books that your characters need the most.

4. Defeat Powerful Bosses In Genshin Impact

Besides domains, there are challenging powerful bosses in Genshin Impact that you can battle once a week in different parts of the game.

So, beating these bosses throughout the game gives players special talent materials needed to make their character stronger.

Players may encounter formidable enemies like Stormterror, Andrius, and Childe in the game.

Hence, defeating these bosses is essential for obtaining high-tier talent books, talent upgrades and maximizing character strength.

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