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How To Steal The Scow In Starfield?

Starfield allows players to hijack and customize different ships, but does it allow them to steal the Scow?

Moreover, players should come across the various spaceships at some point when exploring the galaxies and solar system. 

 Players cannot steal the Scow, as seen in the No Sudden Moves quest. Nonetheless, players can dock and board the ship, steal the artifacts and earn 750XP as a reward.

Continue Reading to discover the exact location of the Scow and the possibility of stealing it in Starfield.

What Is Scow?

Scow is by far the unique ship players can visualize in Starfield.

Captian Petrov is the owner of the salvaged vessel.

Unfortunately, players cannot buy or obtain it as a home ship or store in the fleet.

Players can come across the massive, unique ship while playing the No Sudden Moves mission.

But, players must complete some series of events before they can board the Scow. 

The Scow should be among the Best Class C and B ships, along with Razorleaf, Starbirn, Starborn Guardian, and Kepler R found in the quests.

How To Find Scow In Starfield?

If players are willing to find the potent spaceship, ensure to follow the given procedure;

1. Start No Sudden Moves 

Players should start the No Sudden Moves mission and converse with Vladimir Sall.

Moreover, players should select the first option in all three dialogues.

No sudden moves
Select the first dialogue option.

Sam, the other NPC, will also assist players in overtaking the Scow.

Players should then head out of the frontier and travel with Sam in the spaceship. 

2. Travel To The Scow

After heading out via the home ship of players, they should track down the Scow..

The Scow can be seen in a still position, so players should apply gravity jump for approximately eight seconds.

starfield steal the scow
Enable the gravity jump on the ship.

Then, players will receive an incoming transmission from the Scow, denying the approach.

Players should reply with persuasion dialogue and convince them you are from Constellation.

Further, players should travel to Debris Field so they can dock and board the spaceship.

3. Dock The Ship 

The crew members inside the Spaceship will deny players’ approach to enter the ship.

So, players must get closer to the ship to dock the ship.

starfield steal the scow
Dock the Scow ship.

A cut scene will appear, mentioning the Scow has been docked.

4. Board The Spaceship

Upon docking, players will get multiple options; ensure to select the board option.

Players should then activate the switch and enter inside the switch to progress through missions. 

no sudden moves
Activate the switch to enter the Scow.

Further, after progressing through the event, players should convey Petrov, the ship owner.

Players should attack Petrov and again approach him as a fan.

After that, players should tell him about the exclusive materials and artifacts on the ship.

In addition, players should offer the money and again charge the Captain.

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Can You Steal The Scow In Starfield?

While progressing through the missions, players should complete further events, including stealing the artifacts and weapons.

After completing the No Sudden Moves missions, players cannot steal or get the ship as a reward.

This mission should be one of the most disappointing game quests, as the unique ship is unobtainable.

Moreover, the reward is relatively low, considering the number of events players must complete.

Unfortunately, players will only get some artifacts, legendary items, and a few other tradable items.

The Bottom Line

The No Sudden Moves does not allow players to steal or store ships in the fleet.

Players will only receive 750 XP and some legendary items when they extract the exclusive ship.

Thankfully, there are other missions, including the Mantis Side quest and Kid stuff trait, to obtain a similar legendary ship.

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