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Explore The Activities And Quests In Christmas Village In RS3

Christmas is around the corner and RS3 has released its Christmas Event for 2023 on 27th November.

The annual event brings holiday vibes to the game to enhance the gaming experience for players.

Christmas Village is a part of the Christmas Event for 2023 in RS3. Players can explore the Christmas Village for new festive quests, seasonal activities, and other holiday items.
Continue reading to learn more about Christmas Village, the activities, and quests for the Christmas event 2023 in RS3.

Christmas Village In RuneScape 3: An Overview

The Christmas Village is a beautifully decorated hub for the Christmas event in 2023 located in the Land of Snow.

Players can explore the Christmas Village for new festive quests, seasonal activities, and other holiday items.

Further, there are various ways to get to the Christmas Village for the event.

Players can access the village with a portal in the Burthorpe event area or a seasonal addition to the Lodestone Network.

Christmas village in RS3
Christmas village is beautifully decorated for the event with Christmas trees and lights.

Further, a magic spell called Christmas Village Teleport is available during the event which teleports the player to Christmas Village.

Likewise, there is a teleport option for using Christmas wrapping paper and a letter to Santa.

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Activities To Perform In Christmas Village

During the Christmas event, players can perform multiple seasonal activities in the Christmas Village.

All these activities are associated with a Christmas theme and players earn Christmas Spirit currency for completing the activities.

Further, players can use the currency in the Christmas Spirit Shop to purchase cosmetics from the 2023 Christmas event.

Some of the activities in the Christmas Village are:

1. Crafting Snowballs

The Christmas Village is fully covered with snow and players can increase their crafting skills by Crafting Snowballs.

Players can craft snow every 1.8 seconds at the pile of snow that awards one Christmas Spirit.

Further, players should focus on depleting Smokey’s health bar while he appears occasionally as it rewards 75 Christmas Spirit.

2. Ice Fishing

Ice fishing helps players gain Fishing experience by catching frozen trout, salmon, and bass at icy fishing spot.

Players can catch fish every 2.4 seconds to get 1 Christmas Spirit for one fish they catch.

Likewise, depositing the trout, salmon, and bass to the barrel of sea awards 2, 4, and 8 Spirit respectively.

3. Decoration Making

The decoration-making activity increases the Construction experience of the players when they make decorations on the decorative bench.

All the finished decorations should be deposited in the crate of finished decorations to the right of the bench.

Similarly, players get one Christmas spirit for the progress on the decoration and 100 for depositing the complete decoration.

4. Catching Snow Implings

Players get Hunter experience for catching snow implings at the Christmas village or around Gielinor.

Further, it grants some festive items, and festive-themed food along with 100 Christmas Spirit.

5. Gifting Presents

This activity requires players to complete the It’s Snow Brother quest so they can get a present from Santa’s present sack.

Then, players should deliver the present to the appropriate recipient for Christmas Spirit.

Further, players must make at least 5 deliveries to complete the gifting present activity.

Festive Quest For The Christmas Event 2023

Players can begin the festive quest It’s Snow Brother in the Christmas Village.

It is a short seasonal quest in the Christmas Event 2023 that players can start by speaking to the Santa.

Further, players should activate Lodestone to the Southwest on the map and run through the dialogue.

Likewise, the main objective of this quest is to decorate the cities, from the decorations that were stolen by the naughty Snow Imps.

Rewards of Its Snow Brother quest
Players get multiple rewards after completing the Its Snow Brother quest.

Each Snow Imp shows up as a pile of snow and clicking on the pile of snow will progress the area.

Three locations where players should decorate and find Snow Imps include Falador, Varrock, and Lumbridge.

Furthermore, the rewards for completing this quest include the Lamp of Joy, Lamp of Wonder, Lamp of Laughter, and other items.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the Christmas Village is a hub for seasonal activities and quests in RS3.

Players perform the activities and complete the quests to obtain special rewards in the 2023 Christmas event.

Further, this event is only available for a limited time, so players should make the most out of it while it lasts.

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