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Ground Zero Landmine Location In Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov’s new map: Ground Zero has various utilities to offer and even a few mysteries.

One of the mysteries and considerably a fatality that kills players instantly is Landmine.

Landmines are kept in different locations in Ground Zero to increase raid difficulty. One of Landmine’s players often step is located in Empire at the open door of the corridor.

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Ground Zero Landmine In Escape From Tarkov

Ground Zero is a new map that has locations including the Police Checkpoint, Mira Prospect, and Emercom Checkpoint.

Considering it is an easier map, it is only accessible to players from levels 1 to 20 and has many starter quests.

To challenge the PMCs of lower levels, the update features Landmines in different locations.

While exploring the different infrastructures in the center of Tarkov, players can come across landmines anytime.

Moreover, Players will instantly die from the Landmines and must re-start the quest or task they started.

Hence, at every cost players should avoid stepping on landmines to save the treatment cost.

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Ground Zero Landmine Location

Players should follow the given procedure to locate the Landmine in Ground Zero;

1. Head To Empire 

One of the Landmine players die mostly from is the one near the Empie building in Ground Zero.

If players follow the path across the Empire Building, they can locate a vehicle with a number (998) 140-85.

empire building ground zero
Players should head to the Empire Building.

2. Enter The Building

Players should then enter the building’s white door next to a truck and opposite the vehicle.

landmine location tarkov
Head inside the white door next to the Techlight entrance.

Upon the entrance, players should make their way to the Graffiti walls.

Moreover, the building can consist of few enemies; hence players must keep their firepower intact.

3. Locate the Landmine

After passing the Graffiti walls, players should head right, where they will see a Keep Out! sign on the wall.

escape from tarkov ground zero
Follow the passage next to the Keep Out sign.

Futher, players should ensure to follow all the way to the corridor’s last room.

Upon entering the room, players will suddenly step on the Landmine and die.

ground zero landmine
Stepping on the Landmine will kill the players in a split second.

The player’s death will end the current raid and all of the utilities they bought or extracted will be lost.

However, players can still recover the item if other players have not used or found items during the raid.

Unfortunately, players should also invest in utilities by selecting the treatment after the raid if they face death.

The Bottom Line

Empire Building and Mira Checkpoint Spawans are a few locations with Landmines with stuns and explosions.

Moreover, stepping into the landmines can be a frustrating experience for players as they lose all the progress and the loot.

To avoid huge costs, players should watch out for signs, extract loot carefully, and keep an eye on the ground as well.

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