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A Comprehensive Guide To Step 2 Of Constellation Lock Quest

Constellation Lock is a stepwise exotic quest in Destiny 2 where step 2 is the hardest as players must find a hidden location.

The main objective of this entire quest is to unlock the hidden message which is displayed by the constellation.

For step 2 of the Constellation lock quest in Destiny 2, players must travel to the Spine of Keres and find the source of the celestial anomaly. However, finding this location is quite hard as it is not marked on the map.

Continue reading this article to learn how to complete Step 2 of the Constellation Lock quest in Destiny 2.

What Is Constellation Lock Quest In Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, quests are ranked according to their difficulty and the Constellation lock is on Exotic difficulty.

Additionally, it is a step-by-step quest that features 5 unique steps in total to decipher a secret.

constellation lock destiny 2
Start of the Constellation Lock quest in Destiny 2.

The entire quest takes place in the Dreaming City which is within the Divalion mists.

However, since this location is not marked on the map, players must venture on a different path to reveal its location.

Once there, players must defeat the monsters blocking their path to locate the source of the anomaly.

Finally, they must form a constellation in the sky to decipher a secret inscription.

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What Is Step 2 Of The Constellation Lock Quest?

Step 2 of the constellation lock quest is the most challenging as players must track down a new location.

Specifically, players must “Travel to the Spine of Keres and find the source of the celestial anomaly.”

step 2 of constellation lock
Start of the Step 2 of the Constellation Lock Quest.

Appearance-wise, the Spine of Keres is a giant singular spine that stands vertically on the ground.

From here, players must roam around the area to find the source of the celestial anomaly.

This anomaly is related to the blue light that glows at the top of a hill.

Therefore, players must head to this location to complete this step and reveal the next step of the mission.

How To Find The Spine Of Keres And Source Of Anomaly?

Players must follow a series of sequential steps to track down these locations in Destiny 2 successfully. They are:

  1. Firstly, players must open the map and head towards the Divalian Mists to start the search.
  2. Secondly, players must follow the puddle of water and the small dirt path until they discover a new load zone.
  3. Players must follow the same path until they see a giant white structure, the Spine of Keres.
spine of keres step 2 of constellation l;ock
Locating Spine of Keres For Step 2 of the Constellation Lock quest.
  1. Then, once in the main lobby of Keres, players must go left to discover a blue bridge.
  2. They should cross this bridge and go up the stairs to discover many small hills.
  3. Now, they must look for a specific hill that emits a small blue light from the top.
  4. Finally, players must climb this hill and locate the source of light to find the source of the celestial anomaly.

The Bottom Line

Step 2 of the Constellation Lock is an interesting one as it reveals a new undiscovered area of the map.

However, players have trouble finding this location as the game does not provide any hints about it.

Therefore, you can take guidance from this article to easily find this location in Destiny 2.

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