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A Guide To Have Conversation With A Cat In OSRS

In Old School Runescape (OSRS), players can grow their own cats and engage in a conversation with them.

Players can keep the cats as their pets and sell them once they are fully grown to receive death runes.

In Old School Runescape (OSRS), players can engage in a conversation with a cat by wearing the catspeak amulet or by partially completing the quest Dragon Slayer Two.
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OSRS: An Overview Of The Cat

In Old School RuneScape, players can keep the Cat as their pet to follow them while embarking on the game’s storyline.

Similarly, players can only acquire a cat as their pet after they complete Gertrude’s Cat Quest.

Upon completing Gertrude’s Cat Quest, players can receive a beautiful kitten from Gertrude.

Complete Gertrude Quest to To Have Conversation With Cat
Players have completed the Gertrude Quest.

Moreover, players must take care of that kitten until he matures into a grown cat, which generally takes about three hours.

Moreover, once the kitten successfully evolves into the grown cat, he no longer requires the same attention and food as the kitten.

Besides that, the grown cat can turn into a Wily Cat or a Lazy cat with appropriate training for about 5-6 hours.

Player picking a kitten in OSRS
A player should choose the kitten he wants to buy.

Also, the game’s protocol is that players can only own a single kitten until he fully transforms into a grown cat.

Thus, players can buy the kitten again from Gertrude for about 100 coins once he takes care of the kitten.

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Having Conversation With The Cat

Only after growing your kitten to the developed cat players can start training their cats and make them their companions.

Similarly, players can interact with the cat in numerous ways, such as stroking them and playing with them with toys like a ball of wool and a mouse.

These interactions enable a player to connect with the Cats by having a conversation, adding a unique experience in OSRS.

Players interacting with Cat in OSRS
A player is playing with a cat with a Ball of Wool.

However, players can only unlock their ability to converse with their pets by attaining the Catspeak Amulet.

Catspeak Amulet is a special amulet that possesses a unique ability that allows players to have conversations with Cats.

Likewise, players can only attain the Catspeak Amulet by completing the Icthalarin’s Little Helper quest.

Besides being the bridge between players and cats, Catspeak Amulet can also be helpful in several subsequent quests.

Alongside Catspeak Amulet, players can also engage in conversation with cats upon the partial completion of the Dragon Slayer 2.

Significance Of The Catspeak Amulet

Attaining the Catspeak Amulet is the easiest way to have the conversation with fellow pet Cats.

Similarly, it opens up various dialogue options for players to have a conversation with the cats.

Here are some of the dialogue options players can choose to have a conversation with the cat:

  • How are you doing?
  • How old are you now?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What do you want to do now?

Whether it’s a playful interaction with the cats, conversing with them, or even chasing the rats, the Catspeak amulet enhances the experience.

Furthermore, players can enjoy having a conversation with the cats in quests like “Ratcatchers,” “A Tail of Two Cats,” and “Recipe for Disaster.”

These quests also contribute to the overall experience of conversing with the cats in Old School RuneScape.

The Bottom Line

In Old School RuneScape, players can grow the kittens into cats and engage with them in several activities.

Conversation with the cat is not just any side quest but a beautiful journey to engage in various aspects of the game.

So, players must equip the captivating Catspeak Amulet to have meaningful conversations with Cats.

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