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Cooking Lamb BBQ With Pals In Palworld: Twitter Clips

Palworld is a multiplayer monster-collecting game with survival elements of resource gathering, building, and creature collecting.

Similarly, players can capture or kill Pals and cook them to obtain different food items and deal with hunger to survive in the Palworld.

However, the video posted on Twitter titled “Cooking With Pals Lamb BBQ” featuring barbeque Lamball is getting viral.

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Lamball In Palworld

Lamball is a small, fluffy pal which features white fur, yellowish eyes, horns and a round body.

This pal is the Paldeck No. 001 pal which produces wool to make armour and help players to progress in the game.

Moreover, this pal is used for many item recipes, including the glider and many other recipes that need cloth.

Lamball is a Neutral-type Pal in Palworld.
Lamball is a Neutral-type Pal in Palworld.

Players can also use this Pal in Palworld for handiwork, transporting and farming.

Lamball’s partner skill is a Fluffy Shield when activated, equips the player and becomes a shield.

Here are some of the list of active skills that it possesses in Palworld.

  • Roly Poly: Level 1 active skills, when activated Lamball curls into a ball, rolling after enemies in its way. 
  • Air Cannon: This active skill is a level 7 skill when activated quickly fires a burst of highly pressurized air.
  • Power Shot: Level 15 active skills, charges energy into a focused blast.
  • Pal Blast: Level 50 active skill, charges destructive energy before firing a high-powered beam.
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Cooking With Pals: Lamb BBQ 

The Lamb BBQ video posted by the official Palworld page on Twitter titled “Cooking with Pals – Lamb BBQ” has gone viral.

However, it is sparking widespread interest and excitement within the gaming community.

Making Lamball BBQ in Palworld
Making Lamball BBQ in Palworld.

Moreover, we can see the players catching the Lamball and using the marinated mutton to slow-cooked over a grill.

Hence, upon cooking it over a grill, players will craft different consumable ingredients in Palworld.

Here are some of the other items that players can craft using Lamball meat :

  1. Grilled Lamball: Players can craft Grilled Lambal using 1x Mutton Lamball and 2x Lettuce.
  2. Herb Roasted Lamball: To craft this food item players must use 1x Mutton Lamball and 2x red berries.
  3. Lamball Kebab: The Lamball kebab takes one Lamball mutton to create.

How To Find Lamball In Palworld?

Palworld features different Pals that drop valuable items upon capturing and defeating them.

However, finding and catching Pals for different purposes is one of the basics of Palworld,

Since different pals drop various valuable items, players must try to capture or defeat them and obtain a wide range of resources.

Hence, to obtain items like wool for crafting different items and Lamball mutton to consume, players must find the Lamball.

Lamball are found in the regions that have moderate weather so you won’t need additional gear to survive
Lamballs are found in regions that have moderate weather so you won’t need additional gear to survive

However, to find the Lamball, players do not need to navigate far, they will be available at the starting area of their world.

Players can easily find this pal in the starter islands and at the lower terrains.

Moreover, if players are starting from the plateau of Beginnings, head to the designated area on the heatmap.

There is a chance to get the group of 3 to 4 Lamballs so, approach the Lamball cautiously to increase your chances of successful capture or interaction.

Lamball In Palworld: How To Catch It?

Catching Pal in the Palworld is not easy as some Pals are aggressive and may attack you.

Players must be careful when capturing the Pals and must equip various weapons to defeat them.

Contrarily, catching a Lamball in Palworld is quite easy as they are not as aggressive as other available Pals.

They are a weak Pal which players can easily trapped through the wooden clubs.

Players can capture pals easily when they weaken them and deal massive damage against Pals.

However, players must punch them until their health is low and throw a sphere strategically so that it must hit the target.

But keep in mind to leave some health because you won’t be able to catch a dead Lamball.

However, to catch the Lamball to prepare Lamb BBQ players can shoot them directly.

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