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How To Disable Non Login Penalty In Palworld?

In Palworld, players must log in to the game every 72 hours if they don’t want injured and unconscious pals to progress in the game.

Players can find the settings that resonate with their liking and embark on a Palworld adventure.

Similarly, players can disable or enable the Palworld non login penalty to avoid having penalties for not logging into the game.

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What Is Non-Login Penalty In Palworld?

In the vibrant universe of Palworld, you can embark on a thrilling adventure where timely engagement is the key to success.

Further, Palworld’s game mechanics are intricately participated to reward consistent player engagement.

Hence, players face a non login penalty if they don’t log in to the game every 72 hours.

This system can incentivize players to log in regularly, fostering a more active and engaged player base.

Likewise, penalties for inactivity are implemented to discourage players from being idle for extended periods.

This introduces a sense of responsibility for the player to care for their Pals in Palworld.

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Consequences Of Facing Non-Login Penalty

In Palworld, players can craft, explore, harvest, construct, and mine rocks with the help of their cuddly companions.

However, taking care of them, motivating them, and making them happy is important.

If players fail to log in within the specified timeframe, their pals may suffer negative effects.

Players pals facing this penalty in Palworld will suffer from fractures, depression, and mood disorders.

It will decrease the overall performance of pals in various in-game activities.

Whether it’s resource gathering or other tasks, players will witness a tangible decrease in their pals’ effectiveness.

Moreover, this could result in lost opportunities for unique items, rewards, or exclusive in-game experiences.

Steps To Disable Non Login Penalty In Palworld

Non-login Penalty in Palworld is designed to simulate the result of neglect.

However, not every player can adhere to a strict login schedule, and the game developers recognize the need for flexibility.

Fortunately, players can easily disable the Non-login penalty to avoid the various consequences.

You can either disable or enable the Non-login penalties in Palworld.
You can either disable or enable the non-login penalties in Palworld.

Here is the guide that you can follow to disable non login penalty in Palworld.

  1. Go to the basic settings, and below the extended settings, you will find the list of settings parameters.
  2. Search for the Enable Non-login Penalty button.
  3. You can either turn it on or off according to your choice.

Editing Server Settings In Palworld

In Palworld, the ability to edit server settings provides players with a level of customization.

It offers flexibility in how users engage within the Palworld.

Locating the configuration file in Palworld is an essential step in customizing your server settings.

However, Palworld server configuration files are stored in the PalWorldSettings.ini.

Here is the guide you can follow to locate this file in Palworld.

  1. Locate a crucial file that stores all the default server settings.
  2. Ensure that the PalWorldSettings.ini file is generated by running the PalServer.exe.
  3. If your operating system is Linux users head to “Saved/Config/LinuxServer/PalWorldSettings.ini”.
  4. Similarly, windows users should go to WindowsServer. 
Locating the Configuration File
Locating the configuration file.

With the configuration file successfully identified, it’s time to edit your Palworld server settings. 

Hence, this repository is where you can manage and modify various settings.

You can use the parameter “benablenonloginpenalty” to enable or disable non-login penalties.

Similarly, you can also control your presence in Palworld after logging out. 

Using the parameter “bExistPlayerAfterLogout”  players can enable or disable their existence after logging out.

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