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Is Blox Fruits Releasing The New Year Update?

Blox Fruits may welcome the New Year with an exciting update of changes to enhance the gaming experience.

The new update will add a lot more surprises in the game from claiming free fruit to free Mythical Items.

There would surely be a New Year update in Blox Fruits as there is a significant time mentioned in the Beast bundle and Holiday bundle. The bundle with a timer that shows the remaining days for expiration implies that there will be a new year update.

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What Is New Year Update In Blox Fruits?

The New Year update is the yearly update that allows players to experience a special event environment in the game.

In the virtual world of Blox Fruits, there are many surprises and excitements hidden with the update.

Players can expect a new year update as you can see a timer on the Christmas Bundles.

New year update in Blox Fruit
There may be an exciting New Year update waiting for you in Blox Fruits 2024.

As of now, the timer actively shows the time left for the upcoming update and new updates won’t be released until it begins running.

After the timer on the bundle runs out, the New Year update may begin.

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Is New Year Update Releasing In Blox Fruits?

Currently, there is no such news as a New Year update by the developers or on the official game website.

However, there are some clues within the game that there would be a New Year update.

The clues for the New Year Update are:

  1. The Christmas update released Part 1, indicating that Part 2 for New Year is undoubtedly on the way.
  2. As you can check the Bundle timer, which says 3 days or 2 days remaining mentioning a significant time.
Bundle Timer
You can see the timer beneath the bundle logo.

After the off sales of the bundle, there would surely be an update that could be related to the New Year Update.

Changes In Blox Fruits After New Year Update

Players are expecting a lot from Blox Fruits regarding the upcoming update for the New Year.

Still, it’s not clear what the game developers and the team are working on as there are no mentions.

However, there is a prediction that the update will be focusing on Dragon Rework Fruit from the Christmas update.

Players could experience changes in Blox Fruits, such as:

1. The Dragon Rework Blox Fruits Update

Players were supposed to get the Dragon Rework Blox Fruit update in 2023 but there were no updates regarding it.

So, there is an expectation of the addition of the Blox Fruit in the New Year Update 2024.

2. Addition Of Fury System

An extended area on the right side of the Dragon Rework section is recognized by the appearance of a red line.

This implies that the Fury system will be added to the extended area in the future.

3. Limited Dragon Transformation

In the new update, there would be a limitation in the time of players transforming into dragons.

Limited at its peak, players can only unlock the fury system and dragon form with specific levels and restrictions.

4. New Fighting Style

An anonymous has revealed an image of a logo that claims to be a new fighting style in the game.

Someone claims the introduction of a new fighting style called Angelic Fighting Style, boasting a set of amusing and innovative moves.

New Fighting Style
This is the logo of a new fighting style named Angelic.

5. Stone Puzzle

Blox Fruits News unveiled this puzzle on Instagram, presenting a picture featuring both a half-sun and a half-moon.

It is said that players who solve the puzzle can only claim the new fighting style.

The Bottom Line

The Blox Fruits New Year update will bring a fresh wave of excitement to the game, introducing changes and features.

So, make sure to wait until the bundle expires and make sure to check the official sites of Blox Fruits for more news.

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