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Lies of P Boss Weapon Vendor Gone: Where to Find Him?

In Lies Of P, the Boss Weapon can be purchased or traded from Alidoro, the Hound vendor.

You will find him at the roof of the St. Frangelico’s Cathedral Library.

In Lies of P, once you interact with Boss Weapon Vendor for the first time. You can find Boss Weapon Vendor at the Hotel Krat or at Union Entrance Stargazer if you select the option.

In this article, you will learn about Boss Weapon, its Vendor and its location.

Boss Weapon Vendor In Lies Of P

Lies of P features tons of bosses, and defeating them will give you items like Rare Ergo.

You can use the Ergo to level up, but I recommend you to have patience and wait till you get the boss weapon you want.

The Boss Weapons can only be obtained from a Vendor known as Alidoro.

You will meet him when you reach the room before Fallen Archbishop Andreus in St. Frangelico Cathedral.

lies of p boss weapon vendor gone
Select the purchase button to navigate to the Boss Weapon store.

Once you reach there, you can trade your rare ergo with a boss weapon.

However, you have to choose to send Alidoro to Hotel Krat or Venign Works.

If you send him to Venign Works, the Boss Weapon Vendor will be gone to another location.

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Where To Find Boss Weapon Vendor?

The location of the Boss Weapon Vendor will depend on your choice when you first meet him.

If you send him to the hotel, you can meet him on the ground floor in the hotel’s west wing. Then, you can interact to trade for a boss weapon.

On the other hand, if you decide to send him to Venign Works, this will trigger the All Lies quest.

Hound In Lies of P
Players can select the option to send the Hound to the refuge camp.

Then, you have to bring him back to the hotel and to do so, you need to defeat the Fallen Archbishop Andreu.

Once you defeat the boss, go to Union Entrance Stargazer and use fast travel.

Now, go up the stairs and enter the room on the left where you will reencounter the Vendor.

You can bring them back to the hotel or send them to another location called Elysion Boulevard.

This time, the Vendor will go to Hotel Krat no matter which option you select.

The Boss Weapon Vendor will disappear once an attack on Hotel Krat occurs.

To find him, you have first to defeat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

Later, you can find him in the refuge area near the fire.

This is the location where Boss Weapon Vendor can be Gone.

Now, you can grind the Rare Ergo and choose the best Boss Weapon from the Vendor shop.

Boss Weapons In Lies Of P

In Lies of P,  players can obtain various weapons, which are easy to obtain.

However, some impressive and essential weapons are only obtainable after defeating many bosses and collecting their rare ergo.

These Boss weapons are famous for being the most unique, valuable, and mighty in Krat.

Here are some of the best boss Weapons you can obtain in Lies of P;

1. Trident Of The Covenant

You can get this weapon after beating the transformed Archbishop Andreus at the end of Chapter 4.

Defeating this boss will unlock Adiloro’s shop; therefore, this might be the first boss weapon you will get.

You can perform attacks such as Rush Stab and Guard Party with these boss weapons. It is mainly used to cover a great range.

lies of p boss weapon vendor gone
It is primarily valid for technique-based players.

2. Holy Sword Of The Ark

You will get this weapon by beating Fuoco, one of the most challenging early-game bosses.

This weapon can change the length of the handle to extend itself for range boost and shorten itself for more damage.

However, doing so will reduce the stamina consumption for a short period.

This weapon is mainly recommended for Motivity builds.

lies of p boss weapon vendor gone
Players can alter the weapon size accordingly.

3. Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige, a boss weapon obtained after defeating the main boss, Simon Manus of Lies of P.

It is one of the best damage-dealing weapons in Lies of P.

Furthermore, the fabled art can inflict massive damage when paired with a motivity build.

However, keep in mind that it is the most slow weapon.

Nobless Oblige
One of the best weapons for the Motivity built-in Lies of P.

4. Other Boss Weapons

Here are some other boss weapons you can obtain in Lies of P.

  • Seven-Coil Spring Sword: Obtained by defeating Parade Master.
  • Etiquette: You can get it from Scrapped Watchman.
  • Puppet Ripper: You will obtain this weapon by defeating the King of Puppets.
  • Frozen Feast: Defeat Champion Victor to get your hands on this weapon
  • Two Dragons Sword: Unlocked after eradicating Puppet-Devouring Green Monster Boss.
  • Uroboros’ Eye: Can be obtained from the Vendor after defeating  Laxasia the Complete.

These are some boss weapons players can trade from the Boss Weapon Vendor.

The Bottom Line

Boss Weapon Vendor is also known as Alidoro the Hound.

You can first find him at the St. Frangelico’s Cathedral Library rooftop.

However, he will go to another location based on your decision.

You can send him to Hotel krat to meet him and trade Boss weapon with Rare Ergo.

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