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Completing Swimming Contest In Coral Island: Beginners Guide

The Swimming Contest in Coral Island is a minigame found during the Beach Cleanup Festival.

It is part of the Beach Cleanup Day festival, where you have to collect trash from the ocean while racing against other swimmers.

To complete the swimming contest, go to the Beach where the Beach Cleanup Festival is being celebrated and register yourself with the option of Swimming to participate in a swimming contest. 

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What Is A Swimming Contest In Coral Island?

The Swimming Contest is a lively and entertaining event where virtual residents gather to showcase their skills.

This is a mini contest just made for the enhancement of the Beach Cleanup event to make it more interesting.

You can only participate in this contest once; it will not be available after participating.

Therefore, make sure to read instructions carefully and learn to swim as you will get a manual of controls.

Beach Festival mini game
This is the Beach Cleanup Festival where you can play all the mini games.
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Where To Register For Swimming Contest In Coral Island?

After you reach the beach with Beach Cleanup Festival, Go towards the watery part and search for a box.

Once you reach the beach, search for a boat made of wood. Most likely found in the water part.

The Box where you can register is just beside the wooden boat with yellowish and brownish color.

Go near the box and there you will get an option of various mini-games after clicking the box.

Location To Register
Find thisbox in order to register yourself for Swimming Contest.

Ways To Complete Swimming Contest 

After your registration, you will automatically head toward the place where the swimming contest is happening.

You will be given some instruction before you start and make sure to read it as it includes controls to swim.

Ways to complete the Swimming Contest are as follows:

1. Registration

Firstly registration is a must as you won’t be able to participate if you are not registered for a mini-game.

So, follow the above instructions and go to the place to register.

2. Learn To Swim

To swim, you need to press S / A, and to rest you need to press A / X.

Swimming requires stamina therefore, make sure to balance between rest and swimming to win the contest.

Keys To Swim
Follow this instruction to swim.

3. Monitor Energy And Stamina

The main key to winning the contest is proper monitoring of energy and stamina.

Make sure to check the meter while swimming so that you won’t get last in the competition.

4. Rewards And Achievements

Once you’ve completed the Swimming Contest challenges, celebrate your rewards and achievements.

Collect any rewards, take pride in your character’s progress, and maybe even share your success with in-game friends.

The Bottom Line

In the world of Coral Island, the Swimming Contest promises a splash of excitement and enjoyment.

Whether players are diving into the challenges or cheering from the sidelines, this event adds another layer of fun to the gaming experience.

So, participate in the Beach Cleanup Festival and register yourself in a swimming contest to participate and win.

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