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Discover The New Krampus Costume Skin In Ark

Ark Survival Ascendant has released their Winter Wonderland event, releasing new items alongside the exclusive Krampus costume.

However, players must be quick to discover this event, as it only lasts till January 7.

In Ark Survival Ascendant, players can get the exclusive Krampus costume by taking part in the Winter Wonderland event. However, whether the skin is tied to some quests or item shop is yet to be revealed online.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the Krampus costume in Ark Survival Ascendant.

Introduction To The Krampus Costume In Ark

ASA is known for releasing holiday-specific events in the game, adding more to the festivity.

Similarly, they have recently added a new Christmas-themed event in the game that lasts till January 7.

Krampus costume in Arc
The new Krampus costume in Arc is shown in the trailer.

In this event, players can enjoy the snowy map themes alongside some new NPCs in the game.

Additionally, they also introduced new quests and rewards in the game as displayed by the event trailer.

Specifically, players are excited about the new Krampus skin that was displayed near the end.

Appearance-wise, the Krampus has four horns and wears a Christmas jacket, making him very unique.

Therefore, players must participate in this event to get a first-hand experience in this new skin.

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How To Get The Krampus Skin In Ark?

The Krampus skin is causing quite a stir in online Reddit discussion threads regarding its legitimacy.

However, there is no relevant information at this moment regarding how to get the Krampus skin.

Nevertheless, players must rest easy as the skin has already been teased in the official trailer of the game.

In fact, it is one of the new costume additions alongside many others in ASA that players can use.

Other skins in Arc besides Krampus
More skins in the Arc Winter Wonderland event besides Krampus.

The only issue currently is that nobody has been able to share any information regarding the Krampus skin.

Hence, players can assume that either this costume is very rare, or it is a future reward.

Thus, the best way for players to discover this info is by being active in the Ark community.

Other Skins In Winter Wonderland Event

Although the Krampus costume is the star of the update, players can expect more exclusive skins from the update.

In fact, players can use up to thirty-three new skins in the new ASA event.

The table below displays all the skins that players can unlock in the Winter Wonderland event:

S.NBall SeriesSanta and Noglin SeriesUgly SeriesOther Skins
1.Blue-Ball Winter Beanie SkinNoglin Regift Winter Beanie SkinUgly Carno Sweater SkinCandy Cane Club Skin
2.Gray-Ball Winter Beanie SkinNoglin Swimsuit SkinsUgly Chibi Sweater SkinChristmas Bola Skin
3.Green-Ball Winter Beanie SkinSanta Hat SkinUgly Bronto Sweater SkinDino Ornament Swimsuit Skins
4.Purple-Ball Winter Beanie SkinSanta Costume SkinUgly Bulbdog Sweater SkinFelt Reindeer Antlers Skin
5.Purple-Ball Winter Beanie Skin (Winter Wonderland 5)Santa’s Workshop Smithy Structure Skin NEWUgly Caroling Sweater SkinHLN-A Winter Beanie Skin
6.Red-Ball Winter Beanie Skin-Ugly Noglin Regift Sweater SkinJerboa Wreath Swimsuit Skins
7.--Ugly Raptor Claws Sweater SkinMegaloceros Reindeer Costume
8.--Ugly Rockwell Sweater SkinNutcracker Slingshot Skin
9.--Ugly T-Rex Sweater SkinRaptor Sleighing Winter Beanie Skin
10.---Snowy Winter Beanie Skin
11.---Yeti Swimsuit Skins
12.---Full-body Krampus Costume Player Character Skin
13.---Festive Forge Structure Skin

The Bottom Line

The new Krampus skin in ASA looks terrifying and funny at the same time in the game.

Therefore, players are very curious about how to get this skin on the game through the new event.

Hence, they must seek guidance from the ARC community to learn more about this skin.

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