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Unlock Snake Follower In Cult Of The Lamb

In Cult of the Lamb, players are curious about how to obtain the snake follower to use it for their cult.

To bring the Snake Follower into your cult, you must take on a quest to unlock its distinctive form.

As cult leaders guide their followers through challenges and adventures, the Snake Follower makes your cult stand out with its visual uniqueness in Cult of the Lamb. Furthermore, you will need 10 ancient tablets to unlock the Snake follower in the game.

Continue reading to find out more about the Snake Follower in Cult of the Lamb.

What Is Snake Follower In Cult Of Lamb?

In the mystical world of the Cult of the Lamb, followers play a crucial role in shaping the identity of your cult.

Furthermore, there are lots of different follower forms you can unlock for your cult members in the game.

But the mysterious Snake Follower is catching the attention of many players to enhance their cult’s visual appeal.

Snake Follower is a unique follower which stands out with its serpentine charm which adds a special vibe to your cult’s visual identity.

snake follower in cult of the lamb
To unlock snake follower you must play in the silk cradle biome and obtain 10 ancient tablets.

In addition, the Snake Follower is a part of the Silk Cradle biome in Cult of the Lamb.

To unlock the Snake Form, you must find secret rooms and collect ten Ancient Tablets.

The search for the ten ancient tablets in the secret room turns the game into an exciting exploration within the game.

When you collect all ten Ancient tablets, you get the awesome Snake Follower Form as a prize.

Moreover, it’s like having a serpentine allure or a cool snake friend in the world of Cult of the Lamb.

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How To Unlock Snake Follower In Cult Of The Lamb?

Unlocking the Snake follower is not just about having a follower; it’s about embracing its mysterious essence to your cult.

Hence, you may follow the stepwise guide below to unlock the snake follower in Cult of the Lamb.

1. Find The Statue In The Crusade

The first step is to go to the Crusade and fight with bosses on the Crusade.

After you kill all the bosses, you must find a unique statue in the Crusade.

In addition, the statue is hidden in the tall grass with the flowers.

You must destroy the grasses with your sword to reveal the statue.

Additionally, the statue is orange in color and has an eye that throws a beam of orange light.

2. Hit The Statue To Find The Secret Room

Once you reveal the statue, it will open its eyes and throw a beam of light toward the other statue across it.

Both of the statues are identical and have an eye that throws a beam of light towards each other after facing each other.

get snake follower in cult of lamb
To unlock the Snake follower in the cult of Lamb, you must hit the statue and find 10 secret rooms.

If you hit the statue, another statue across it will go down to the ground.

Hence, this will open a way to the secret room for you in the Cult of the Lamb.

3. Send A Heart To The Portal

After you enter the hidden room you will find a tarot card spot with a portal in front of it.

So stand in the middle of the tarot card with the four statues surrounding it and send a heart into the portal.

After you send the heart, there will be an explosion in the portal and will send a door to the secret room.

4. Discover 10 Secret Room 

To unlock the Snake Follower, you must discover 10 secret rooms in the crusade.

However, you can only unlock one room in each crusade which will give you one ancient tablet.

You must collect a total of 10 ancient tablets in the game to get the Snake follower.

Hence, unlocking the Snake Follower Form in Cult of Lamb is not a piece of cake.

It is a very tough and challenging task so you must use the telescope Tarot card to find the secret room easily.

After you successfully collect all 10 ancient tables in the cult of the Lamb, you will get a snake follower form.

The Bottom Line

In Cult of the Lamb, the Snake Follower is more than just a cosmetic addition to the cult.

Furthermore, it symbolizes the spirit of exploration, discovery, and the mysterious elements of the game.

Hence, by unlocking the snake follower, cult leaders can showcase their visually striking form.

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