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How To Save Alt In Cyberpunk?

Alt Cunningham is a highly advanced AI in Cyberpunk 2077.

She seeks independence from corporate control and becomes a key ally after her first encounter following a major mission.

You can save Alt in Cyberpunk by infiltrating Arasaka Tower in Night City, hacking into Mikoshi from within, and working with her to overcome digital obstacles and liberate her from corporate control.

In this article, we will discover how to save Alt in Cyberpunk 2077.

Who Is Alt In Cyberpunk?

Alt Cunningham is one of the most advanced artificial intelligence in Cyberpunk 2077.

She was the creator of the Soulkiller program, which can copy a person’s mind and store it as a digital engram.

Her mind was then uploaded to the Net, where she became an AI.

Furthermore, she is the girlfriend of Johny Silverhand, a famous rebel leader and rockerboy.

Over time, Alt gained true sentience and self-awareness.

alt in the never fade away
Alt Cunningham is one of the most advanced artificial intelligence in Cyberpunk 2077.

However, as an AI, she remained trapped under the control of Mikoshi’s corporate owners.

Alt views herself as separate from her creator, desiring freedom and independence rather than existing as a tool.

When Will You First Encounter Alt?

The first encounter with the artificial intelligence Alt occurs after completing a major story mission known as the Heist.

During the Heist, V steals a prototype biochip from the powerful Arasaka corporation.

This biochip contains the engram of the deceased Johnny Silverhand, who is forcibly implanted in V’s brain.

While examining the biochip in search of ways to remove Johnny, Alt suddenly contacts V via a neural implant.

Alt reveals that she has been monitoring V due to their involvement with Johnny Silverhand and the Arasaka heist.

Moreover, Alt knows that the biochip is slowly killing V from her position within the Mikoshi network.

She offers to provide information that could save V’s life in exchange for V’s help with a mission.

This mission involves infiltrating Arasaka Tower in Night City and hacking into Mikoshi from within.

infiltrating Arasaka Tower
This mission involves infiltrating Arasaka Tower in Night City and hacking into Mikoshi.

By accessing Mikoshi and battling through its virtual realm, V can help free Alt from her digital confinement under Arasaka’s control.

This sets in motion the pivotal questline called “Never Fade Away” where the player works to save Alt.

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How To Save Alt In Never Fade Away In Cyberpunk?

To save Alt in Cyberpunk, V must infiltrate the Arasaka Tower in Night City and hack into Mikoshi from within:

  1. Meet Alt at an abandoned mill to finalize the plan. She stresses the danger but hopes V can succeed where others have failed.
  2. Sneak or fight past Arasaka guards to reach the top floor, hacking terminals and avoiding detection. Cameras and turrets pose threats. 
  3. Access the server core by hacking the terminal and disabling security. Multiple firewalls and encryption stand in the way.
  4. Plug into the core to virtually enter Mikoshi. The digital realm resembles an endless neon grid
  5. Battle through digital enemies like viruses and corrupted engrams. Hacking abilities help overcome foes.
  6. Interact with Alt’s glowing cube prison to free her code from restraints. 
  7. Work together with the now-liberated Alt to fight out of Mikoshi’s virtual world before being deleted.

What Happens After Saving Alt?

Alt will be freed from Mikoshi’s control once and for all but she also absorbs the engrams of all the other people including Johnny Silverhand.

Similarly, Alt provides the relic data needed to save V’s life, but she also reveals that there is no way to separate V and Johnny without killing them.

Depending on the choices made, she also offers additional work or information later in the game.

Her liberation damages Arasaka’s stranglehold on digital consciousness, changing the corporate landscape.

V has played a pivotal role in achieving true autonomy in one of the most advanced AIs.

The Bottom Line

The quest to save Alt from her digital prison tests V’s skills and determination.

Carefully following each step of infiltrating Arasaka Tower and hacking Mikoshi is essential to defeating its security systems and releasing Alt.

The fate of one of the most advanced AIs in Cyberpunk 2077 rests in V’s hands.

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