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Cyberpunk Sasquatch Glitch: Earn Unlimited Money

The Sasquatch glitch in Cyberpunk 2077 is a bug that allows players to collect unlimited money and XP.

However, players must defeat the Sasquatch, a strong boss in the game progression.

Players can perform the Sasquatch glitch to earn infinite money. This glitch takes place in the mission “I Walk the Line.”

This article discusses the Sasquatch Boss and the Sasquatch glitch in Cyberpunk.

Introduction To Sasquatch Boss In Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that features many challenging and exciting boss fights.

One of these bosses is Sasquatch, also known as Matilda K. Rose, the leader of the Animals gang.

Sasquatch cyberpunk
Sasquatch is a powerful boss, and defeating her requires players some fine skills.

The primary mission, “I Walk the Line,” takes place in the Pacifica neighborhood of Night City.

There, you will come up against the powerful Sasquatch.

Before confronting a Sasquatch, you should be aware of the following traits:

  • Sasquatch is a tall, strong lady who has undergone cybernetic enhancement.
  • She can occasionally heal herself with a bright purple crystal on her back and has a lot of health and armor.
  • Sasquatch’s primary weapon is a giant sledgehammer, which she employs to execute intense swings, smashes, and throws.
  • She is capable of charging at you quickly and punching you.
  • Fire weakens the sasquatch, but electricity and hacking make it resistant. Further, she resists the effects of poison, cold, and stun.
  • Sasquatch may also hack you by grabbing you and squeezing you inside.
  • Your screen may see some graphical glitches, but it doesn’t appear to have any negative consequences.

Therefore, Sasquatch is a challenging boss that takes planning and expertise to take down.

To inflict the maximum harm, you’ll need to shoot her in the head while dodging her assaults.

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What Is “I Walk The Line” Mission In Cyberpunk

I Walk The Line” is the primary mission in the Cyberpunk 2077 video game.

To complete this mission, player V must sneak inside the Grand Imperial Mall.

This Mall controls the Animals gang and hacks into a NetWatch agent’s console.

The task is a part of V’s agreement with the Voodoo Boys, a gang of hackers that seek access to hidden information in cyberspace.

The quest includes stealth, warfare, hacking, and a significant decision that might change how the plot unfolds.

The mission begins when V and Placide, the Voodoo Boys’ second-in-command, meet in their Pacifica headquarters.

Placide gives V a biochip that allows him to watch over and direct his behavior.

The NetWatch agent is hidden at the Grand Imperial Mall and attempting to foil the intentions of the Voodoo Boys, so he sends V there.

Placide requests that V remain as inconspicuous as possible to prevent murdering the Animals.

The animals are ignorant of the existence of the NetWatch agent.

V can go in with both barrels or follow Placide’s instructions.

Depending on V’s abilities and choices, various ways exist to enter and explore the mall.

V will run across various foes, traps, treasures, and mysteries along the path.

Come across the traps.

One of the main obstacles is Sasquatch, also known as Matilda K. Rose, the leader of the Animals.

Thus, V has the option of battling her or eluding her.

What Is Sasquatch Glitch In Cyberpunk?

You can use the “Sasquatch Glitch” in the video game Cyberpunk to gain unrestricted wealth and credit.

You can do this by continually defeating the boss Sasquatch in the “I Walk the Line” task, 

Performing the glitch involves the following steps:

  • Bring the boss’ health down to 1%, then take her out, but don’t kill her.
  • After obtaining all of her items, wait for the notifications in the lower left corner to disappear.
  • Quickly save your work in case you make a mistake.
  • Once you’ve killed her, hit ESC immediately, create a new save, and load it.
  • You can kill her once more to earn the money when you reload the game, then follow the previous process.

If you perform this right, each should provide 1.5k sc and 30k euros. As of patch 1.21.4, this bug is still present.

The Bottom Line

The Cyberpunk Sasquatch Glitch is a way to get unlimited money and street cred by killing the boss Sasquatch repeatedly.

The glitch involves saving and loading the game at specific moments to respawn the boss and collect the rewards.

However, if the task has already been finished or if it is patched in the future, this bug could not be accessible.

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