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What Are Shell Bits In Fae Farm?

Along with Farming, Fae Farm requires you to develop a small economy where you can sell and produce items.

The profit can be used for further cultivation and upgrading your farm. There are many ways to earn money in Fae Farm.

Catching critters is one of the most effective ways to earn money.

Shell Bits in Fae Farm are the special item drops you can gain after catching critters. Additionally, critters are the different types of bugs such as bees, crabs, snails, frogs and others.

Continue reading the article to explore how to catch critters and the details of shell bits of Fae Farm.

What Are Critters In Fae Farm?

Critters are the different types of bugs available in the world of Azoria.

Mel, the bug catcher, will assist you in catching the bug and will also provide you with nets.

Furthermore, you can equip the net to catch the bugs on the farm.

Three types of critter nets are available and provided to you by Mel.

  1. Sturdy Critter Net unlocked at level 3 for 1,000 Florins
  2. Advanced Critter Net unlocked at level 5 for 2,500 Florins
  3. Master Critter Net unlocked at level 7 for 5,000 Florins

These critter net will be available to purchase as you level up and advance in the game.

Also, you cannot upgrade from sturdy net to master by skipping the advanced net.

What Are Shell Bits?

After catching the bugs, you will be able to gain other items from the bugs.

One such item you can get from catching some bugs is Shell Bits.

You can also get Flutter Dust, Bug Juice, Frog Sweat, Honey, and many more.

Critters Honey
Critters provide special items such as honey and shell bits depending on the bug

To acquire shell bits, you must catch critters from the crab category. Crabs like Sand Crab, Blue Crab, and Hermit Crab will help you get shell bits.

Also, a snail called the Brown Snail will help you gain the shell bits.

All these crabs are found on the beach, while the snails are found on the lowlands of Azoria.

  • Sand Crab is found only during the Spring season at any time of the day.
  • Hermit Crab is found only during the Summer season at any time of the day.
  • Blue Crab is the most common and is found in any season of the year.

These items can help to make fertilizers which can, in turn, help in farming.

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How To Catch Critters?

To catch critters in Azoria, firstly, you will need the net and go to the areas where you can find bugs.

To gain shell bits, go to the beach to find any kind of crab. Then, swing your net when you’re close enough to the bug.

Although the easy way to catch the critters is to click on the bug once you’re close enough because swinging lowers the possibility of catching the bugs.

Catching Critter Shell Bits Fae Farm
The critters of Fae Farm can be caught through the net.

In addition, trying too many times makes the bugs aware, and they can easily escape.

Also, more tricky bugs require you to sneak up on them.

Therefore, you must try holding the mouse’s left button to sneak up on a bug.

You must master the art of tricking the bugs to make them fall into your net.

You can either sell the critters you catch to make good money or save them in a Critter Conservatory, which can help gain items like Shell Bits.

These shell bits can be used to make Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer.

With this Fertilizer, you can grow Fae Crops like Turnip, Peas, and Cauliflower.

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Types Of Critters In Fae Farm

Numerous types of critters are available in Fae Farm or the world of Azoria.

These critters will help you gain items like Honey, Bug Juice, Frog Sweat and others.

Additonally, these items can help you earn more money or even help with farming.

Here’s a list of the items you can gain through different critters:

  1. Honey: Worker Bee and Queen Bee.
  2. Bug Juice: Firefly, Cicada, and Ladybug.
  3. Flutter Dust: Tiger, Swallowtail, Butterfly, Peacock, Common Moth, and Moon Moth.
  4. Frog Sweat: Spring Peeper and Common Toad.
  5. Shell Bits: Brown Snail, Sand Crab, Blue Crab, and Hermit Crab.
  6. Blob Globs: Green Bloblin, Pink Bloblin, and Luster Bloblin.
  7. Ecto Dew: Fae Shadow and Glom Shade.
  8. Fae Dust: Myst Fairt and Sun Sprite.
  9. Nectar: Leaf Buddy, Shroom Buddy, and Rose Buddy.

Rose Buddy and Luster Bloblin are the rare critters among all these critters.

They will be hard to find and appear with sparkles and a rainbow when you see them.

The Bottom Line

Shell bits are the items that you can gain after catching bugs or critters in Fae Farm.

They can further be used to make special fertilizers and farm fae crops.

Additionally, Sand Crabs, Hermit Crabs, Blue Crabs, and Brown Snails are critters that provide shell bits.

You can find these critters on the beach and the lowlands of Azoria.

So, explore the world of Azoria to catch these critters!

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