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Longsword Riposte In Dark And Darker: Mastering The Technique

Longswords offers players a tactical edge by combining defensive prowess with a powerful counterattacking technique.

The Longsword holds a distinctive variant known as Fulgor in Dark and Darker.

The Longsword riposte transforms combat dynamics with its ability to seamlessly transition from blocking to counterattacking. A well-timed riposte inflicts impactful damage and shifts the battle tempo.

The article discusses the longsword riposte, how to perform a riposte attack and its advantages.

What Is Dark And Darker Longsword Riposte?

Dark and Darker Longsword Riposte are special types of attacks performed with the Longsword weapon in the game.

It’s a counterattack triggered by blocking at the right moment.

Their rapid double-slash riposte, versatile attack speeds, and strategic attributes create an immersive combat experience in the game.

Let’s explore Longsword’s attributes at different levels:

1. Damage Range

The Longsword’s damage varies as it progresses through different levels.

It starts with lower damage like 29 or 33 and becomes more potent, reaching higher levels with damage like 45 or 52.

Likewise, this diversity in damage values influences its effectiveness in combat encounters.

2. Attack Speed Dynamics

As the Longsword evolves, its attack speed remains crucial.

Similarly, it offers diverse attack speeds for different actions like 1.16s, 0.91s, and 0.99s.

This intricate interplay of attack speeds adds depth to tactical decision-making in battles.

3. Impact On Movement

The Longsword’s weight and design influence movement.

Across all levels, the weapon imposes a movement speed reduction of 40 units.

Correspondingly, players must balance wielding a potent weapon with maintaining battlefield agility due to the movement dynamics shift caused by the Longsword.

4. Effective Striking Zones

The Longsword features distinct sweet and sour spot percentages.

Hitting the sweet spot ensures total damage while hitting the sour spot causes reduced damage at percentages like 80% or 60%.

Moreover, precise aiming becomes crucial to capitalize on the weapon’s full potential.

5. Combat Modifiers

Longswords come with specific action movement speed modifiers.

These modifiers impact various combat actions, including attacks, blocks, and ripostes.

Furthermore, the Longsword’s combat is balanced and strategic with –35% modifiers for attack, block reaction, and riposte attack.

dark and darker longsword
Longsword is one of the weapons in Dark and Darker.
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Perform A Longsword Riposte Attack In Dark And Darker

Performing a riposte attack with the longsword is an intricate skill that involves several steps:

1. Blocking With Precision

Start by blocking an opponent’s attack to initiate a riposte.

Press the right-click button to raise your longsword as a shield.

Pay close attention to the timing – your block must match when your foe’s attack is about to hit you.

riposte is performed by tapping right-click
Riposte is performed by tapping right-click to block an attack and observe.

2. Swift Double Action

Immediately after successfully blocking the attack, quickly tap the block button again.

This double tap is crucial; it triggers the riposte attack.

Your character will seize the opening created by the blocked attack and launch a counterattack.

3. Mind The Tricky Blocks

Blocking with a longsword has its quirks.

The blade tip lacks a hitbox, so your defense must be precise.

Avoid using the longsword to block thrusting weapons like spears, as this isn’t as effective.

the tip of the blade has no hitbox
The tip of the blade has no hitbox.

4. Seizing A Unique Opportunity

Interestingly, the third attack from your opponent can also be riposted.

This creates a special chance to counter your enemy’s aggression by countering their moves.

5. Balance Speed And Reaction

The riposte itself is executed swiftly, catching your opponents off-guard.

However, its speed also means that observant opponents can react to it.

Timing is everything; executing the riposte precisely after a block is crucial for success.

What Advantage Does A Successful Riposte Provide In Combat?

Some of the advantages provided by a successful riposte in combat are:

1. Swift Counter

A successful riposte offers a rapid counterattack immediately after blocking an opponent’s strike.

This quick response catches your opponent off-guard, allowing you to exploit their momentary vulnerability.

2. Damage Boost

Ripostes typically deal higher damage compared to regular attacks.

The combination of precision timing and a focused counterattack lets you inflict more harm on your opponent.

3. Controlled Momentum

Riposting with a Longsword allows you to control the fight’s momentum.

By skillfully blocking and retaliating, you dictate the pace of the battle and keep your opponent on the defensive, giving you an advantageous position.

4. Interrupting Opponent’s Combo

Successfully performing a riposte can interrupt an opponent’s attack sequence.

Similarly, this disrupts their rhythm and allows you to break free from their assault, potentially preventing further damage to yourself.

5. Psychological Impact

Ripostes have a psychological impact on your opponent.

When they witness your quick and precise counters, they might become more cautious in their approach, hesitant to attack recklessly.

Furthermore, this can create openings for you to strategize and control the engagement.

The Bottom Line

A longsword riposte is your instant response to an enemy attack.

Ripostes are your tactical edge, turning defense into offense and making you a formidable force on the battlefield.

Mastering the art of ripostes enhances your combat proficiency and makes you a more formidable opponent.

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